Berry Cute!


berry cute


Not only are these strawberries cute they are delicious. That is if you can bring yourself to eat them. As for me… that’s not a problem. I LOVE chocolate covered strawberries! What better way to spice up a reception and add some fun than with these berries. They are super and they are making me hungry just looking at them. YUM!!!! Learn More!

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Diane vonFurstenberg Strapless Banded Dress

strapless dress

Rehearsal Dinner? Bridal Shower? Bridesmaid’s gowns? Maybe even a wedding gown. I don’t know what comes to your mind when you this dress but I know I just adore it. It would be perfect for a casual wedding as a wedding dress or it would even be a smash at the rehearsal dinner. This gown is simply gorgeous! I love the empire waist adorned with the silk bow, but what makes this dress stand out the most is the bubble shirt. Sometimes the bubble shirt can look overdone or frumpy but not on this dress. It has just the right amount of volume and shows just enough leg for some total sex appeal. This dress gets an A+ from me! See this dress!

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Save a Horse… Bachelorette Tee

save a horse


Okay girls, this has to be the cutest tee ever! If you or a friend is having a western themed wedding or just looking for a super cute tee to go out in, we got you covered. This tee is personalized with the brides name and wedding date, to make extra special. Any bride wearing this at a bachelorette party is sure to make a statement and have tons of fun! You can even get a shirt made for the whole crew. Change Ride the Bride, to Ride a Bridesmaid and you have a shirt that the whole party can enjoy! Plus this design is available in other t-shirt styles and colors, including tank tops.See this design!

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Herb Place Holders


If you are having an outside wedding or just love greenery, then these place holders are the perfect thing for you. I like these place holders because they are very different and they double as a wedding favor. This is the perfect way to be environmentally friendly while adding a beautiful touch of greenery. Plus the guest can use the herbs for cooking after the wedding. The small potted herbs are composed of baby tears, euonymus, and rosemary. Check it out!

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Wedding Dresses at Target…

Mizrahi and Target launched a bridal line in May. The line is currently available online and at select Target stores for a trial basis. But if the line does well you could possible pick up a wedding dress while you’re shopping for toothpaste. Wow…that sounds really weird to say! The wedding dresses range from $89.99 to $159.99 and you can find bridesmaid dresses for as little as $30. Stats from the Bridal Association of America show that women spend an average $1,505 on their dress alone, so it’s relatively inexpensive choice that can help brides save money. Target’s bridal gowns are classic styles with little thrills. This is probably because the designer was trying to make every piece timeless. Mizrahi said,” I was trying to make every gown an eventual heirloom," "I want every girl to consider storing the dress for her daughter to wear when her wedding happens." The bridal dresses are pretty. However I could not find a bridesmaid dress that I really liked. I do think the line would be great for you to save money on accessories. The veils are very pretty, though I have not seen the material. I would not count Target out if you are looking for a wedding, but with everything online, I would order the items way ahead of time to make sure you like them.




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Make Your Own Bouquet


Whether you like this bouquet or not this is a great article for any bride looking to save a ton of money by making their on bouquets. I love this article because it shows step by step how to tie your bouquet. Be creative and pick your own arrangement of flowers that best fit your needs. If it is this bouquet, that’s great. But if not totally replace the flowers with ones that are more your style.



1. Select a collection of flowers and berries in different sizes, textures, color shades, and shapes. Remove all of the foliage from the stems, and wrap each stem with floral tape. Begin arranging the flowers and berry stems in your hand to create a tight, compact ball of flowers. Wrap the stems together with floral tape just below the flower blossoms. 

2. Cut the stems from seven large grape leaves, and make stems using 22-gauge wire. Arrange the leaves around the flowers to form a collar, and join all stems into one main stem cluster with floral tape.


3. Using 2-1/2-inch coordinating ribbon, begin wrapping the handle at the top of the stem cluster by holding the bouquet in your hand so that the flowers are facing away from you. Leave a tail of ribbon about 2 feet long on the left side. With one hand, pinch and hold the ribbon together at the stem top. With your other hand, tightly wrap the ribbon down the stem, covering the pinch with the first wrap. As you wrap, make sure that the ribbon remains flat.


4. When you have reached the bottom of the stem handle, fold the ribbon over the bottom end of the handle so that the back of the ribbon is facing up, and begin wrapping back up the handle. When you are finished there will be ribbon tails on both sides of the bouquet. Tie a large, full bow at this point. Secure the ribbon in place with 2-inch pearl-headed corsage pins. Trim the tails of the ribbon to the length desired.




Tip: Complete collections of classic bridal flowers are available, or you can choose nontraditional blossoms for one-of-a-kind bouquets. Via


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The Right Wedding Dress For Your Body Shape

bride mirror

 If you haven’t a clue what wedding dress style works with your body type, or even what body type you are keep reading! The following methods are a way to determine your type and suggestions for what dress silhouette will most likely flatter you. The most important thing though is to go out and try on a few dresses in different styles to see what you like best.


You’ll need to find a tape measure; these can be purchased for just a few bucks from a fabric store if you don’t have one. Your “bust” is the biggest measurement around your chest. Your “waist” is the smallest measurement around your waist and your “hips” are the thickest part, approximately 7-9” below your waist. Measure your bust, waist and hips and write down these numbers.

Hourglass Body Type – If your bust and hips are approximately the same measurement (within an inch or two) and your waist is smaller than either of these by at least a four inches (the more the better though) then you are an hourglass shape. This classic old-Hollywood shape (think Marilyn Monroe) can wear any style of dress as most styles are flattering. The mermaid though will really highlight your curves and you’ll even be able to pull off a sheath.

Pear Body Type – If your hips are larger than your bust then you have a pear shape. Many women fall under this category! An a-line dress is the most flattering because it is full in the skirt, hiding the bigger hips on the bottom. An a-line gives a balanced appearance of an hourglass and even works with an upside down pear, which is when your bust is larger than your hips.

Round or Square Body Type – If all your measurements are similar then you are a square or round body type. To add definition and the appearance of an hourglass shape you’ll want to select dresses with gathers or other details on the hips and bust. This will highlight those areas and give you a feminine shape. Generally an a-line dress will be the most flattering and have the most options for you.

Have fun dress shopping! I always recommend trying on wedding dresses in a few different silhouettes, even the ones you don’t think you’ll like. Sometimes this will just confirm that it isn’t right for you, but often you’ll be surprised that a shape you didn’t think would work will be the most flattering! It is always helpful to try on a variety so you know what you are looking for and what you are not looking for. This will make the whole process easier if you go to other shops too. Happy dress finding! Via

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Fish Tacos

fish tacos

These hors d’oeuvres would be a great addition to any beach themed wedding. Especially if your guests are sea food lovers! These catfish tacos with chipotle aioli are a unique and yummy addition to any beach themed wedding. These are flavorful and fun! I absolutely love fish tacos but I would make sure your guests are seafood fans or they may not go over so well. Learn More!

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Cotton Candy

cotton candy

Want a unique and fun dessert idea? Well then, just take a step back into your childhood with cotton candy. Who would have thought a bowl full of cotton candy could be so gorgeous? I know I didn’t, but I was totally wrong! This green apple cotton candy is beautifully arranged in these cute little dishes and toped off with edible pansies. This is a unique and charming dessert that your guests are sure to love!Find out more!

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