Winter Wedding Florals

Winter weddings are in full swing, offering a new array of floral options. Traditionally, Winter weddings have been limited to icy bright whites, however, 2012 opens many new doors.

This year’s popular trends include slightly antiqued bouquets that consist of cream and ivory tones. Also, instead of rich reds and deep greens, muted accents like mauve or olive are more likely to be seen.

Winter also allows unique textures and seasonal elements in order to make a one of a kind bouquet. Lambs ear, pinecones dusted in glitter, and berries are all popular choices this season.

Common Winter wedding flowers include calla lillies, orchids, and tulips for the base of the bouquet, while roses and miniature paperwhites often act as accents. Many times these bouquets are tied together with a velvet bow or sequenced ribbon for added elegance.

Winter allows variety and texture making the season’s bouquets absolutely beautiful. Having trouble finding the right flowers? Check out this flower guide!

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