A Design Fit For a (Future) King

By now you’ve probably heard about the crazy time that Prince Harry had when visiting Las Vegas recently. If you haven’t heard, let us recap. Prince Harry ran into a group of girls celebrating a bachelorette party and basically crashed it, even asking to wear one of their custom tank tops. You can check the photos out in this Daily Mail article. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Did you look? Crazy stuff, right?

Why do we care about this incident, you ask? Well, the design on the tank tops was one originally created by our designers here at Bridal Party Tees. It reads “Let’s get WILD. [Name’s] Bachelorette!”.

This is our original design:

You can also choose from a variety of other top and color options:

So, if you want to be like Prince Harry and get wild at a bachelorette party, we have a variety of Let’s Get Wild Bachelorette Shirts to choose from!

Custom Bridal Sweatsuits

Shop Our Custom Bridal Sweatsuites!

Custom bridal apparel is becoming one of the most popular must haves before your big day. One trend that continues to grow in popularity, especially among celebs, is customizing sweatsuits. These sweatsuits have become essentials in elite weddings, and have transformed ordinary lounge wear into iconic fashion. Some would hold Juicy Couture responsible for this trend, but many brides are opting for more affordable alternatives. What was once limited to celebrities is now becoming a wedding staple for all brides.

One of the most memorable weddings featuring custom sweatsuits was the union of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. The ceremony sparking this trend, took place on September 18, 2004. These one of a kind pieces weren’t limited to only the bride and groom. Both Britney and Kevin’s wedding entourages were spotted wearing custom suits.

Pink custom sweatsuits were also seen at the wedding of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott. Tori’s bridesmaids wore this custom apparel on May 7, 2006.

The trend has also become increasingly popular among reality television stars. Bethenny Frankel’s custom bridal sweatsuit resulted in some of the most memorable photographs taken of the glowing bride before her ceremony. Bethenny’s suit debuted the morning of her big day, outside of the Four Seasons Restaurant in New York City on March 3, 2010.

Reality moguls Kim and Khloe Kardashian have also added to the sweatsuit craze after including custom bridal wear in both of their multimillion dollar weddings. Khloe Kardashian who married Lamar Odom of the LA Lakers, provided her bridesmaids with purple custom sweatsuits. Hers can even function as game day attire!

And in most recent marital bliss, Kim Kardashian was seen wearing her custom bridal sweatsuit before her wedding to Kris Humphries, this past August.

Fashion designer 22-year-old Petra Ecclestone – whose father is billionaire Formula One mogul Bernie Ecclestone, who is worth a cool $4 billion – married James Stunt at Odescalchi Castle in Italy on August 27, 2011. The wedding is thought to have cost around $7 million. Petra’s sister, 27-year-old Tamara Ecclestone, customized a bridal sweatsuit for her and her little sister and then tweeted her creation. Super cute and super inexpensive (even though I don’t think they really cared about the price!)

Luckily, this is one comfortable trend for brides that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. They’re customized, comfortable, and make getting ready for your big day a breeze. They also make great gifts for your bridal party. So visit our site and customize your personal bridal sweatsuit today!

Celeb Bridal Sweatsuits–Petra Ecclestone

Fashion designer 22-year-old Petra Ecclestone – whose father is billionaire Formula One mogul Bernie Ecclestone, who is worth a cool $4 billion – married James Stunt at Odescalchi Castle in Italy on August 27, 2011. The wedding is thought to have cost around $7 million. Petra’s sister, 27-year-old Tamara Ecclestone, customized a bridal sweatsuit for her and her little sister and then tweeted her creation. Super cute and super inexpensive (even though I don’t think they really cared about the price!). You can customize your own. It’s fun, super easy and again, super cute!

Who Else Wants One of Hollywood’s Most Eligible Bachelors?

So you’ve made your “Top 5 Hollywood Hotties I Want to Date” list several times, consistently foiled by press releases announcing the engagements and/or fatherhood of your favorite leading men. Not to fret – this list will help you reconstruct your now-defunct list in no time. Though, since we’re going for full disclosure here, we should warn that the term “bachelor” is being defined as “not married.” Some of the Adonis’ mentioned are currently tied to other women, but it is Hollywood after all and everyone knows a relationship can’t last in that town. So relax, get your pencil out, and prepare to make your selections.

  1. George Clooney : Consistently ranked on all of Hollywood’s best-looking lists, Clooney is the quintessential Hollywood bachelor, having had few serious relationships in the public eye. The 47-year-old actor has starred in many blockbuster movies, is one of the highest paid film stars in Hollywood, and is pretty easy on the eyes. Married once for just four years, Clooney was recently linked to former Fear Factor star and Las Vegas cocktail waitress Sarah Larson, though the two split in May 2008/
  2. Ryan Phillippe : Ryan Phillippe, the chiseled-abed star of movies like “Cruel Intentions” and “Stop Loss” is back on the market after a seven-year marriage to actress Reese Witherspoon. Though the split was alleged to be because of an extra-marital affair on Phillipe’s part, the two have never formally stated why they broke up. Phillippe is reportedly dating his “Stop Loss” co-star Abbie Cornish, but it doesn’t seem too serious yet. Phillippe lovers – stay tuned.
  3. Ryan Gosling : Oh, what girl didn’t melt on the spot when watching Gosling’s performance in the 2004 movie “The Notebook.” Despite the fact that it was just another role for Gosling, women across the country convinced themselves that the Canadian actor must be that romantic in real life. Currently, gosling is up for grabs. Though he and “Notebook” co-star Rachel McAdams dated for three years, they split in 2007.
  4. Jared Leto: For those old enough to remember the mid-1990s high school drama TV show “My So Called Life,” Jared Leto might be better known as Jordan Catalano, the mysterious, out-of-reach loner who was the object of Claire Danes’ obsession on the show. His perfectly-proportioned face along with an air of inscrutability makes Leto inspire longing in even the most indifferent onlooker – both onscreen and off. Leto has had several high-profile romances – including one with Cameron Diaz – but remains single today.
  5. Wentworth Miller : Anyone who watches “Prison Break” knows that the show’s main attraction is star Wentworth Miller, a 36-year-old, British born actor who has the face of a Greek God. Miller got his start as an extra in two of Mariah Carey’s music videos before being cast by director Brett Ratner in the Fox drama series about a man trying to bust his brother out of prison from the inside. Today, Miller has a notable fan club and the heart of every female viewer of his show, but, strangely, he’s never been spotted out with a date.
  6. Jude Law : Jude Law is a guy that women love to both love and hate. Married once to actress Sadie Frost, the union dissolved after only six years. His subsequent engagement to actress Sienna Miller was also called off after Law admitted to having an affair with his children’s’ nanny. While Law gets a tsk-tsk for his infidelities, it’s impossible to deny his physical beauty, for which he gets a hip-hip and a hooray.
  7. Owen Wilson : Despite his crooked nose, devious grin, and struggles with depression, Owen Wilson is one of Hollywood’s most notable ladies’ men. The lifelong bachelor has had several semi-serious relationships with other actresses, but seems unable to commit. Most recently involved with actress Kate Hudson, funnyman Wilson may be destined to be remain on this list for the foreseeable future.
  8. Vince Vaughn : Like his buddy Wilson, Vince Vaughn is loved by women the world over for his charm, humor, and classic good looks. While he’s often spotted out partying by the paparazzi, just how many women he’s dated is somewhat unclear. In 2005 and 2006, Vaughn had a high-profile relationship with Jennifer Aniston, who had just split from Brad Pitt. For now, though, Vaughn seems to be entirely available.
  9. Adrian Grenier : With his piercing blue eyes, olive skin, and dark curls, Adrian Grenier is one of the more strikingly good-looking men dating in Hollywood today. And in addition to his monetary success, the “Entourage” star is known for having a strong conscious, as well, and is currently involved in many environmental causes. Though he has been linked to Paris Hilton before, Grenier denies dating her. He is currently seeing Australian actress Isabel Lucas.
  10. Leonardo DiCaprio: Leonardo DiCaprio has essentially been considered one of Hollywood’s biggest “heartthrobs” since his 1997 appearance in “The Titanic,” which kicked off a maelstrom of hysteria over the Hollywood native. His classic good looks and piercing gaze made young girls and grown women swoon across the globe after seeing “The Titanic,” perhaps being one of the main reasons the film was so successful. DiCaprio is known for dating models, specifically Gisele Bundchen and now Israeli model Bar Refaeli.
  11. John Mayer: Serial dater John Mayer may always have a girl on his arm, but if history is a teacher they won’t stay there very long. Mayer, the Connecticut-born singer, has dated starlets from Jennifer Love Hewitt to Jessica Simpson to Cameron Diaz. Currently linked to actress Jennifer Aniston, Mayer presumably woos his dates with his sensitive lyrics and melodic songs. A well-known comedian, as well, surely Mayer’s humor doesn’t hurt, either.
  12. Orlando Bloom : British actor Orlando Bloom, it’s been well-noted, is one of the more beautiful men on the planet. And while he keeps a low profile in Hollywood, he’s the object of everyone’s attention on the web. In 2006, Google named him the most searched-for male. Bloom has had one notable Hollywood relationship with actress Kate Bosworth, and has also been linked to Kirsten Dunst and Penelope Cruz, but now dates model Miranda Kerr.
  13. Colin Farrell: Ireland’s most notorious bad-boy, Colin Farrell has a reputation for being a player and a partier. Though he has allegedly been clean since going to rehab in 2005, Farrell once admitted to consuming enough drugs each week to get a small country high. He was married once to actress Amelia Warner for just four months, and in 2003 had a son with model Kim Bordenave. Currently, Farrell is free and completely on the market, with few rumors tying him to anyone.
  14. Kanye West : If you like cocky men, then Kanye West is likely in your list of top 5 Hollywood bachelors. The good-looking rapper is known for his big ego, as well as being able to make successful music on a level unlike many of his peers. Though West was recently engaged to designer Alexis Phifer, the couple split earlier this year when it was rumored that they were having problems. So West, along with all his money, talent, and drive, are back in the game.
  15. Adam Levine : The Maroon 5 frontman has a notorious reputation for being a womanizer with an uncanny knack for attracting a different woman every night of the week. Upfront about his serial dating habits, Levine has been linked to stars like Kirsten Dunst, Natalie Portman, and Jessica Simpson to name a few.
  16. Lance Armstrong: Now that his cycling career has died down and he is turning his focus more toward running his cancer foundation, Lance Armstrong has a lot of time on his hands to woo famous, young women in Hollywood. In his past lurks stars like singer Sheryl Crow, designer Tory Burch, and starlet Ashley Olsen. Currently, Armstrong is linked with Kate Hudson, who recently broke up with Owen Wilson. The jury’s out over whether the relationship will prosper, but frankly Armstrong seems more interested in playing the field.
  17. Jesse Metcalfe : When Eva Longoria’s character on “Desperate Housewives” began an affair with the college-aged gardener, real-live desperate housewives everywhere were introduced to newbie Jesse Metcalfe, a 29-year-old former soap star with a chiseled face and body. In fact, Metcalfe most frequently appeared on the show without a shirt on, which the writers got away with on the feasibility argument — it is hot out in California and he’s a laboring landscaper, after all. Metcalfe’s tag on his MySpace page says single! And he’s currently pursuing a dual career in music.
  18. Billy Crudup : Billy Crudup is no George Clooney, but the gorgeous actor has had much success when it comes to his craft. This Tony-Award winning guy has both a great face and a serious talent. Crudup is most notorious, however, for dumping his baby’s mama, Mary Louise Parker, when she was 7 months pregnant with their son, leaving her for younger actress Claire Danes. That relationship has since ended as well, so Crudup is free to any other lady willing to roll the dice on his fickle nature.
  19. Joaquin Phoenix: Joaquin Phoenix is one of Hollywood’s hottest actors, though he likes to keep his private life private, rarely talking about himself in the press. In fact, he rarely talks to the press at all, and when he does he often earns the ire of many a reporter for being rude and short. But just look at that face! Certainly it’s enough to redeem him from all past transgressions, right? Phoenix once had a three-year romance with Liv Tyler, and has since had several shorter-term relationships with lesser-known women.
  20. Justin Long: Hear me out – Justin Long may be known for being the geeky “Mac Guy” and not for his rock-solid abs, but he’s a cutie that earns instant cred for being Drew Barrymore’s ex-boyfriend. The actress, who dated Long for several months before splitting recently, and her paparazzi power can be credited with getting this adorable guy’s face in front of millions. He won’t stay single for long.
  21. Mario Lopez : Once a washed-up actor from “Saved by the Bell,” Lopez’s career got a kick start when he appeared last year on “Dancing with the Stars.” Now the actor and his ridiculously muscled body are on the pages of every tabloid from here to Kentucky. Newly single, it’s likely that Lopez and his abs won’t be lonely for long.
  22. Chase Crawford: “Gossip Girl” is one of the most talked-about and loved new shows on television, and while that’s mostly due to the saucy plotlines and the show’s guilty-pleasure quality, one of the main attractions is hot, new star Chace Crawford, who plays Nate Archibald on the show. His good looks have made him one of the most popular stars in Hollywood today. While he was known to date singer Carrie Underwood for a time, the actor is now single and available.
  23. Justin Timberlake : When he said he was bringing sexy back, he wasn’t kidding. Justin Timberlake, who has been the boyfriend of Britney Spears, Alyssa Milano, and Cameron Diaz, and is now dating actress Jessica Biel, could fairly be called the most talented and physically gorgeous men in Los Angeles today. It seems there’s nothing he can’t do. This and his well worked-out physique make him a top rater on any respectable girl’s bachelor list.
  24. Matthew McConaughey : OK, so McConaughey just recently had a baby with his model girlfriend Camila Alves. But the couple is not engaged, as of yet, so ladies, don’t cross this one off your list! McConaughey, who has become something of a parody for showing off his beach bod at any given opportunity, is undeniably beautiful, though maybe a little strange. With such a free spirit, it’s hard to imagine him tied-down forever.
  25. Bruce Willis : Despite the fact that Willis is over the age of 50, he’s still got it going on. Though married to Demi Moore for 13 years and then subsequently engaged to actress Brooke Burns, this “Die Hard” star has the confidence and presence to bowl over the ladies. Wrinkles aside, Willis is one of Hollywood’s sexiest bachelors.

We Want Prenupt! 15 Celebrity Love Stories

Marrying out of their league, arguing over officiates, screaming at the bride in front of the guests – this is just some of the sorry behavior some celebs have exhibited at their very own wedding ceremonies. Not surprisingly, many of the stars on this list barely made it through their vows before their marriages were over. Here are some of the more scandalous celebrity couples to ever get hitched.

  1. Britney Spears and Jason Alexander : People sure do it differently in Louisiana. In 2004, Britney Spears and her old childhood buddy Jason Alexander from Kentwood, Louisiana, were hold up in her posh hotel suite in Las Vegas watching the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” when they gazed over at each other with a crazy thought. “We were just looking at each other [Saturday morning] and said, ‘Let’s do something wild, crazy. Let’s go get married, just for the hell of it,’” Alexander told a entertainment show reporter. The marriage, which the couple attended in blue jeans and black shirts (presumably also “for the hell of it), lasted all of 55 hours – enough time for Britney’s handlers to fly to Sin City, smack some sense into her, and help her file papers for an annulment.
  2. Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds: It was a big ol’ controversial year for Eddie Murphy. After denying that he impregnated Scary Spice Melanie Brown (paternity tests later proved he was the father), Murphy embarked on a very public romance with music producer Tracey Edmonds. The couple dated for almost two years before they flew to Bora Bora for a non-legal wedding ceremony. Though they planned to follow it up with a legal ceremony in the U.S., Edmonds was apparently turned off by the fact that Murphy repeatedly verbally assaulted her, screaming at both herself and her mother multiple times during the “symbolic” ceremony. Upon their return to America, the couple announced they decided to just be friends. Though after a display like that, it’s doubtful Edmonds is holding up her end of that bargain.
  3. Britney Murphy and Simon Monjack : In May 2007, the petite actress with the enormous collagen lip injections married British screenwriter Simon Monjack in a secret ceremony at her home in Los Angeles. Sounds simple enough, right? Well at the time, the clandestine wedding was said to have taken place only because Murphy was trying to keep Monjack from being deported back to England. Just weeks before their wedding, Monjack, who wrote “The Factory Girl” was arrested and charged with having an expired visa. The couple did not comment on the allegations and, judging by the fact that the couple has now been together for a little over one year, it seems like there might be some falseness to the alleged falsity.
  4. Pamela Anderson and Rick Solomon : The sleazy, big-chested actress famous for making a legendary sex tape with her ex-husband Tommy Lee married another Hollywood sleazoid famous for making a legendary sex tape with Paris Hilton. In October 2007, Pamela Anderson married Rick Solomon at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. The couple first got together, as Anderson told Ellen Degeneres, because it appeared Anderson owed Solomon a little money. “I paid off a poker debt with sexual favors, and I fell in love,” she said. How cute! Maybe prostitution does pay? But, alas, the couple, who held their ceremony during a 90-minute break between two magic shows in which Anderson was appearing, split a mere two months later. Both filed papers claiming fraud against the other. Shocking.
  5. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz : This controversy is definitely sheer hearsay at this point, but rumor on the street is that Ashlee Simpson objected to having her father Joe Simpson officiate her wedding to Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz. At the last minute, Simpson allegedly said she wanted to be married by a Buddhist monk, and expressed her feelings to her father who insisted on marrying the couple. If this is true, it’s certainly not being corroborated by the couple, who was married merely weeks ago. Wentz has told the media that he couldn’t imagine having anyone other that Mr. Simpson unite the two in holy matrimony. File this one under: scandal unconfirmed.
  6. Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra : The outrageous former Chicago Bulls star and the sexy pinup girl were married on Nov. 7, 1998 in, yep – you guessed it, Las Vegas. Rodman, who at the time liked to step out with Electra when the two were both wearing dresses, was known as a person who pushed the boundaries. How many NBA stars have you seen with pink hair? But Rodman showed up so drunk to his nuptials to Electra that his agent alleged that Rodman didn’t know what he was doing. Nine days later the union was annulled, and according to Rodman’s lawyer the groom’s intoxication at the wedding meant the wedding was doomed from the start by Electra’s money-grubbing ways. “Obviously, anyone that would marry somebody that was intoxicated to the point that they couldn’t speak or stand had ulterior motives of some sort,” Dwight Manley, Rodman’s agent, told the press at the time. Whatever the issue between the couple, it’s definitely one of the shorter-lived Hollywood weddings in the pages of history.
  7. Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley : OK, what wasn’t sketchy about the oddly-paired marriage between Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson? The public was skeptical from the get-go and the creepy couple even had to go on Primetime Live and insist that they actually liked each other and had sex. Jackson repeatedly said that they weren’t faking, and the couple even appeared on the MTV Music Video Awards to prove their love to the world with a really awkward kiss that sent shivers down the spines of America. But while they swore up and down the wedding, which conveniently occurred shortly after Jackson was accused of child molestation, was the real deal, Jackson and Presley filed for divorce only 18 months after they wed. Presley claimed she hadn’t seen the pop singer in six months at the time she filed for divorce. She later went on Oprah and said she believed Jackson used her.
  8. Liza Minelli and David Gest: The marriage of Liza Minelli and David Gest was a bit of a freak show, alright. With a crazy-looking Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson serving as the wedding party onlookers could have reliably predicted the relationship’s demise before it legally began. The strange partnership lasted only 16 months before the couple filed for divorce. But the controversial details of the union came out in 2003 when Gest filed papers claiming that Minelli beat him regularly during their marriage and struggled with addiction. According to Gest, during one limo ride to a rehab center, Minelli drank a bottle of red wine and began beating him mercilessly, open fisted, in the car. He also claims that she once threw a lamp at him and tried to choke one of his employees. Minelli denies the claim, but it’s definitely one of the more controversial divorces in Hollywood history.
  9. Fergie and Josh Duhamel: It’s another one from the unsubstantiated rumor mill, but some bloggers out there have been writing that Fergie and Josh Duhamel are arguing over the type of wedding they will have. Fergie, who sings almost solely about money, her glamourousness and her penchant for “working on her fitness,” allegedly wants a luxurious ceremony costing around $1.5 million, while Duhamel, who was born and raised in Minot, North Dakota, wants something laid back and casual. Adding further fury to their marriage rumors was one which claimed Fergie was pregnant, hence the proposal. Doesn’t seem to be any truth to that one, seeing as though it originated five months ago and she’s still thin as a rail, but it will be interesting to see whether it will be diamonds or daisies to decorate this couple’s wedding reception.
  10. Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett: Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett met in 1993 and wed just three weeks after their first encounter. It was obvious to many entertainment reporters and observers that Roberts seemed to be slightly out of the unorthodox-looking country singer’s league. Their union made headlines for its duration, as people lobbed impolite comments at the couple, repeatedly pointing out the strangeness of their coupledom and referring to them as “beauty and the beast.” As if the fact that they married a mere 21 days after initially meeting wasn’t a sign that the marriage wouldn’t last, it seemed impossible that the couple would be able to withstand the near-constant public criticism. Whatever caused the split, the couple divorced in 1995 – less than two years after their wedding.
  11. Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards, and Brooke Mueller: As if there hasn’t been enough controversy surrounding the tumultuous marriage and subsequent divorce of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards, the couple is making headlines again – this time over Sheen’s latest marriage to Brooke Mueller. Despite the fact that Richards has filed a restraining order and some pretty hefty allegations against Sheen – including claims that he physically abused her, is a drug addict, and hired prostitutes during their marriage (all of which he denies) – she also sent Sheen and his new wife a wedding gift, though she said it was officially from her daughters.
  12. Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney : No could have ever guessed that Renee Zellweger and country singer Kenny Chesney would start dating – the unlikely pair didn’t seem to have common friends, interests, or even common invites to Hollywood parties. Rumors that they had become an item started after Zellweger appeared at one of Chesney’s concerts in Florida and walked on the stage to hand him a margarita and give him a kiss on the cheek. But aside from that, it was a quick and barely noticeable courtship. The world simply opened the paper one day to find out that the two had tied the knot in a small, private ceremony in the Virgin Islands. But just five months later, the couple was in the news again when reports surfaced that the duo had filed for an annulment citing “fraud.” To this day, neither Zellweger nor Chesney have come forth to reveal the real reasons behind their split, though Chesney did seem to be caught off guard by Zellweger’s initiation of the annulment. He later said he didn’t see it coming.
  13. Drew Barrymore and Jeremy Thomas: Drew Barrymore had barely recovered from her childhood addictions to drugs and alcohol, when at the age of 19 she impulsively married Los Angeles bartender Jeremy Thomas mere hours after she had met him. Barrymore, who was partying in Thomas’ bar one night, accepted a marriage proposal from him on the spot. The couple called a clairvoyant Justice of the Peace from the bar’s pay phone and someone arrived around 5 a.m. to conduct the ceremony. Not surprisingly, the couple divorced just 19 days later – together for precisely one day for every year that Barrymore had been alive!
  14. Jennifer Lopez and Chris Judd: Another wedding that shocked the world, Jennifer Lopez stunned the public when she walked down the aisle in 2001 with one of her backup dancers, Chris Judd. They divorced only nine months later amid rumors that they hadn’t been physically living together for some time. This is a story akin to the Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts situation, except the gap between the two career-wise was even greater this time. Though Judd is considerably better looking than Lovett, he was virtually unknown by the public leaving many to wonder what J. Lo could see in him.
  15. Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall II : It doesn’t get any grosser than this one. In 1994, Houston oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II married Playboy bunny Anna Nicole Smith. She was 26 and he was 89. Think she was out for his money? Duh! After he died just one year after their wedding, Smith put on a riveting display of tearworks for the judge who would decide where his billions would go – to his gold digging wife or his gold digging children. The couple met when Smith was working in Houston as a stripper. Can you imagine what they had to talk about? This partnership is reminiscent of a scene from “Best in Show” where a similar couple – a wealthy old man with no teeth and a young buxom blond – are married and trying to convince filmmakers they have a lot in common. When asked what their shared interests are, the wife replies that they both “like soup.”

Red Carpet Inspiration~Jessica Simpson

When looking for glamorous wedding hair, were else should you turn except to the red carpet? Fashionista’s everywhere turn to their celebrity counterparts for hair inspiration. And why not? They have a slew of personal stylists to make their hair one of a kind and wonderful. That’s why it’s a great place to find inspiration for your wedding day do. Some celebrities have simply become renowned for their gorgeous hair. As we saw in a previous post, Eva Longoria has mastered the red carpet and so has Jessica Simpson. We first fell in love with Jessica’s hairstyles in her wedding day simplicity, and from then on, she has become a deity in red carpet hairstyles.


jessica simpson hair