Maid Of Honor - Preview

Maid of Honor Shirts

Once engaged, there is no time to waste when it comes to planning the wedding of your dreams! You have already taken the first steps of being engaged by sharing the news with friends and family and, of course, designing your just engaged shirt to mark the special occasion!

Next, you’ll need to create another special shirt for a very important person, the maid of honor! Choosing your maid of honor will probably be the most critical task ahead of you because she will need to be your go-to girl and the one person you can rely on. Since your maid of honor will be by your side through the entire wedding planning process, creating a cute maid of honor shirt is a great way to invite her into the role and say thank you for being a part of the wedding!

However, be warned that when giving your maid of honor her shirt, you are now giving her a lot of power! When you need advice about what dress to pick, where to have the reception, or what flowers to go with, your maid of honor needs to step up to the plate and give you her opinion, which may sway you one way or another.

So whether you are appointing a close relative or your best friend as your maid of honor, make it special and let her know about the power and responsibility she has by accepting the maid of honor shirt!

See our entire line of matching “Real Bridesmaids” and “Real Bride” shirts here!

Maid Of Honor Shirts

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Just Engaged Shirts Preview

Just Engaged Shirts

Besides getting married, another very exciting milestone of a relationship is the moment he drops down to one knee and asks you to marry him. Every girl dreams of that moment so hold on to that memory and feeling as long as you can! Create a memento that will remind you of that day for years to come with a just engaged shirt!

Once engaged, the next task that every couple has in front of them is to break the exciting news to friends and family. This is where you can let your just engaged shirt do all the talking and spread the news! Walk through the door wearing your customized shirt and catch the surprised and happy reactions of your friends and family without having said a word.

Don’t forget to add some customization to your just engaged shirt too. Add the date you got engaged or even the lucky guy’s name to your shirt! What better way to celebrate the beginning of wedding planning while gaining some creative inspiration by customizing a just engaged shirt? Whether it’s tomorrow or your ten-year anniversary, you will love wearing this cute keepsake for many years to come!

Just Engaged Shirts

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Bachelorette Shirts Ideas Preview

7 Creative Ideas for Bachelorette Party Shirts

Every bride wants to have something that makes her wedding unique and special to stand out from the rest. So when it comes to the bachelorette party, you can bet the same holds true! One way a bride can put her signature stamp on the bachelorette party is to create custom bachelorette party shirts for her and her bridesmaids. Instead of settling for a plain t-shirt that lacks any personalization and creativity, customize the bachelorette party shirts to fit your group’s style and personality. If the creative side of your brain is spent, don’t worry. We have a great selection of pre-designed bachelorette party shirts you can choose from!

Check out these 7 bachelorette party shirt designs we love:

1) Cheers Bitches
Here’s to you and your last night out! Raise a glass and let the night’s adventures begin with your fun-loving group of girls by your side.

Cheers bitches bachelorette party shirts

2) Team Bride
It’s all for the bride! Outfit the bridal party in team bride shirts so everyone knows who your go-to ladies are.

Team bride bachelorette party shirts

3) Let’s get wild
Have you and your bridesmaids always been known as the wild bunch? Then for your final hurrah as a single lady, the “let’s get wild” design is a must!

Let's get wild bachelorette party shirts

4) Western/Country
These are the perfect bachelorette party shirts of any cowgirl who is about to get hitched.

Western bachelorette party shirts

5) Keep calm
It’s hard for any soon-to-be-bride to keep calm, but the bachelorette party should be your time to break away from the wedding madness and enjoy yourself! Keep calm and have a blast partying the night away.

Keep calm bachelorette party shirts

6) Mustache
You’ve probably noticed this popular party accessory everywhere, so embrace it! Join the mustache craze and make it part of your bachelorette party shirt design.

Mustache bachelorette party shirts

7) Raise hell before the wedding bells
This design is reserved for the bachelorette party group that wants to go all out and leave their mark on the night.

Raising hell before the wedding bells bachelorette party shirts

Looking for more ideas? Check out the entire line-up of bachelorette party shirts we have waiting for you to celebrate in all night long!

Bachelorette Party Shirts


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Groom Shirts Preview

A “Groom Shirt” He’ll Want to Wear

When it comes to weddings, many grooms choose to take a back seat and let their fiancé take the wheel in planning the wedding. A lot of grooms see themselves in a more supportive role and someone who can fill in when needed. While it can seem like the wedding isn’t his highest priority, be confident that he is just as excited as you are to tie the knot! Help keep him involved and eager for the wedding with a customized groom shirt!

When the idea of a groom shirt is brought up, he might be a little apprehensive at first; that is until you show him how masculine and cool our designs are! Check out our collection of designs that can easily be applied to any style of shirt he likes! At Bridal Party Tees, we strive to keep our customized shirts versatile by offering polo shirts, jerseys, sleeveless tees and of course comfortable t-shirts in an array of colors.

He’ll have a new go-to shirt to wear on the weekends and you will have everyone asking you about the big day after seeing his customized groom shirt!

Groom Shirts

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Custom Honeymoon Shirts

After the wedding has come and gone, there is still one more event newlyweds have to look forward to…the honeymoon! A honeymoon is the perfect way to relax after the last couple of months of nonstop wedding planning and gives you the chance to continue the celebration with your new spouse!

For many newlyweds, the honeymoon location is usually somewhere neither of them has been, which will only fuel the anticipation until the honeymoon arrives. With so much excitement revolving around your honeymoon and traveling to somewhere new, you better have an outlet to voice this excitement! A fun way to announce to the world, “I’m on my honeymoon,” without actually saying it, is to put it on a customized shirt!

Your custom honeymoon shirt can show the tropical location you and your husband are jet setting off to or it can show you two off as newlyweds! Check out our collection of awesome designs and before you know it, you’ll be strolling along the beach and people will know, “Aye, he’s mine and aye she’s mine!”

Custom Honeymoon Shirts

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