Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

Your honeymoon should be filled with love, privacy and celebration. These top 10 spots offer you every ounce of joy that you need on your honeymoon! Once you’ve figured out where you’re going, plan what to pack. We have a great selection of customizable swim suits, tee shirts, koozies, totes, tanks and more! Check them out at Bridal Party Tees!

St. Lucia: A taste of France, a taste of Britain, and a nature-lovers paradise including a volcano! St. Lucia is great for snorkeling in clear, blue warm waters, sipping a cool tropical drink in your hammock, or walking through a rain forest while viewing the ocean. Truly a newlywed’s paradise.

Greece: If you are seeking lots of history, hot sun, warm seas & diverse landscapes then Greece will be your best choice. This country has an enormous amount of fun, culture and great sites to offer honeymooners making the dazzling Greek Islands some of the most desirable destinations for honeymooners worldwide.

Tahiti: With many islands to choose from, including favorites Bora Bora and Moorea, Tahiti makes a perfect honeymoon destination! It’s known for it’s natural beauty as well as its Polynesian hospitality. If you don’t want to share your new spouse with anyone, this is the place to be! Even its resorts are designed for your love to burn and grow.

Mexico: In Mexico you’ll find beautiful natural settings, top-notch tourist services, exquisite cuisine and and much more. We love the romance and culture of this exotic location so much we know you won’t want to leave. For honeymooners who are looking for a warm tropical getaway, consider these three unique destinations: Nueva Vallarta, Huatulco and the Mayan Riviera.

Aruba: For newlyweds who are looking for just sun & fun, Aruba is an ideal destination; with its near-perfect weather and beautiful beaches it is a place to go to find great service, not to mention the 90,000 friends you’ll meet while you’re there! Aruba is only 20 miles long and 6 miles wide at the widest point; this small space is packed with enough beaches, restaurants, nightclubs and casinos to delight even the most discriminating newlywed.

Italy: When you’re looking for a honeymoon filled with old-world charm and romance a trip to Italy guarantees you will get lost on cobblestone streets, in old classic churches and bistros out of paintings and fall in love all over again. No matter the part of Italy you chose to explore you will no doubt find yourself taking moonlight walks, enjoying scrumptious meals, experiencing wonderful museums & art, great wine, fabulous culture and feel as if your feeling as passionate about each other as you are about life.

Jamaica: Passion is inevitable on this tropical paradise island. Jamaica is the place if you are looking for non-stop nightlife. If the bar scene isn’t for you, stay in one of Jamaica’s all-inclusive adults-only resorts. If you are a nature lover, take a leisurely bamboo raft trip or explore the many caves and waterfalls that abound in its green forests.

Alberta, Canada: Prefer to make snow angels with your sweetie rather than slather on the sunscreen? The wide variety of winter activities includes downhill and cross-country skiing, as well as snowshoeing, ice skating and even dog sledding. Guests can pamper themselves in the hotel’s spa and then set off for a romantic sleigh ride into the wilderness. The idyllic lake setting makes Chateau Lake Louise a popular honeymoon spot even in the warmer months, when guests can take advantage of the resort’s outdoor activities, which include horseback riding, whitewater rafting and hiking.

Paris: Paris is known as ‘the city of love’. The country comes first among the best honeymoon destinations around the world. The reason is its beautiful sites, such as, Eiffel Tower, Disneyland Resort, The Louvre, etc. If you are in Paris celebrating your honeymoon, you will never spend a day out of romance. Paris is all about love and beauty. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. The museums, monuments and artworks of Paris are highly esteemed across the globe.

Hawaii: Last but not the least preferred Honeymoon locations around the globe is the newly added US state of Hawaii. Exotic Tropical flowers, pristine turquoise waters, immaculate beaches and the great food are a few of the many things that force you to come back and visit the place again and again. And if its for your honeymoon, there can be nothing more beautiful, uncrowded and adventurous than Hawaii.

Wedding Registry Trends

For some, gift registry is the most fun thing about planning a wedding. You get to shop around your favorite stores and pick out things you want without dropping a dime! But if combing through stacks of fine china and sheet sets isn’t your cup of tea, here is a list of more unique wedding registry ideas that might be more fitting for you! Wedding registry is just one step in your planning process! Make sure you check out Bridal Party Tees for bachelorette party tees, before the wedding designs, honeymoon tees and accessories!

Charity Registries: Yes, your wedding day is all about you and your new spouse, but why not share the spotlight with your favorite charity? Set up a charitable gift registry with an organization like the “I Do Foundation” which will help guide guests through the process of donating to your charity of choice.

Game time: Add your favorite board games or video games to your registry! Having a few of the classics like Monopoly and Twister will make your new place feel like home, and provide tons of fun for game nights later on! You might not be able to justify buying yourself a Wii, but your guests will have no problem making the splurge for you!

Activities: Register for a little post-wedding fun by adding things like private guitar lessons, a private wine tour for two, dance lessons, cooking classes or a fun local activity or event.

Bar basics: If you’re a couple that likes to host, indulge in an at-home mini bar as part of your register! Pick out your favorite martini glasses, and essentials like corkscrews, strainers, and juice squeezers.

Honeymoon Registry: Guests can help the newlyweds make their dream honeymoon come true by contributing to a honeymoon registry that can range from an investment in the couple’s dream to backpack around Europe to a week of beachside activities at a luxurious resort!

Home Sweet Home: Why register for a bunch of “stuff” for your dream home when you can actually have your guests contribute money that will go towards the down payment on a new home! It’s one of the most valuable investments family members and friends can make in a new couple’s life.

Plan an Adventure: If you are an energetic, adventuresome couple tandem skydiving is an exciting option to have on your registry! If you want to do something adventurous but have a fear of heights, a guided canoe or kayaking tour could be a good substitute.

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Most Popular Wedding Invitation Styles

Your wedding invitation is your guest’s first glimpse of the theme of your wedding. Is it going to be a casual gathering, a formal affair, or a combination of both? By choosing the right papers, inks, and envelopes, you can ensure that your guests know what to expect, while showing off your creativity and style! Below are the 10 most popular wedding invitation styles that will help you get started with your own! Check out for any other customizable wedding gift, accessory, or apparel needs!

1. Eco-Friendly Invitations: Environment-conscious couples everywhere are opting to send out their wedding invitations on eco-friendly paper! There are tons of different options including 100 per-cent cotton papers, recycled seed embedded paper, wood veneers, and soy-based ink.

2. Traditional Patterns in Unexpected Colors: Put a new spin on classic patterns by using bright, vibrant colors! If your invitations feature a damask or brocade-inspired print, you could color them in fuchsia, light blue, or black.

3. Vellum: Adding a vellum overlay is an elegant touch that instantly adds color and style to your invitation.

4. Fabriano-Deckled Edge Paper: Fabriano-deckled edge paper is great for weddings that are formal, but still a bit laid-back.

5. Metallic: Metallics have made a come-back in fashion, and is now popping up in stationary too! Gold is an especially great color to use. You can use gold paper, gold engraving, and gold-lined envelopes!

6. Vintage: Vintage style is also an incredibly popular fashion trend that has made its way to the wedding world. Invitations inspired by Parisian soap label art, Givenchy couture, and swirl or damask patterns.

7. Monograms: Monograms were a big trend in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and now they’re getting a make-over! Monograms are becoming more thematic, with stylistic elements like elaborate ampersands. You could even consider using intertwined initials instead of a simple font to make your invitations pop.

8. Couture Envelopes: The envelope is the guest’s first glimpse at your invitation’s style! Beautiful liners in coordinating colors and patterns make your invitations a really cool keepsake to go with the actual invitation.

9. Material Add-ons: For additional flair, you can add fabrics like silk, velvet, and various ribbons to your invitations.

10. Beyond Paper: Nowadays its possible for wedding invitations to be printed on almost anything. You can now opt to do a creative wedding invitation on plexi-glass and custom-mold stones, wood veneer, glass, or even chocolate.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

The ring is on your finger and plans are under way! Now you just need to get your guest list finalized and start inviting them to your wedding. Below are just a few wedding invitation tips to get you started as you begin to officially invite your loved ones to celebrate your wedding! Check out for all your other wedding preparation needs! We have a HUGE selection of customizable gifts for your bridal party, bachelorette party tees, and more!

Save-the-Dates: Sending out a “save-the-date” about six months before the wedding has become an expected courtesy. With travel arrangements and busy schedules, giving your guests a heads-up on your wedding plans increases the chances that they will attend your wedding. Save-the-date invitations can also be a little more fun and casual than your actual wedding invitations! We have adorable customizable magnets that are perfect for you to upload a photo of you and your fiancé to act as a save-the-date and a keepsake!

How to Assemble Invitations: Sometimes wedding invitations already come folded, but if not, you should fold them like a book. If the cards are flat, then no worries! The fold should be on the left with the invitation text on top and the inside page blank. Enclosures such as maps are usually placed beneath the response card if the card is placed on top of the invite, or they can be tucked inside the invitation if it’s a folded card.

Include Reception Entrée Options: More and more caterers are requesting entrée preferences beforehand so that they know how much of a dish to prepare (chicken, fish, meat, vegetarian). You can have this information printed on the response card itself, or on a separate sheet that matches your invitations.

Hand-written Invitations: If you’re having a small, laid-back wedding with fewer than 50 guests it is perfectly acceptable to hand-write invitations. It doesn’t have to be written in calligraphy, just neat handwriting will do! You will save some cash by handwriting your invites, but you might not want to do that if your wedding is larger and more up-scale because it won’t match the style.

Including a Dress Code: If you want your guests to dress more formally, instead of writing “black-tie” on the invitations, write something along the lines of “black-tie invited” or “black-tie optional” so that your guests know that the wedding will be formal, and that they should dress appropriately-tux or no tux.

How to State the Time: If you will be getting married at 2:30 pm the traditional wording would be “Half after two o’clock”. However, if you think this sounds too stuffy and formal, you can certainly use “two-thirty in the afternoon” or “in the evening” if the wedding is later.

Reception-Only Invites: If you and your fiancé opt for a destination wedding and would like to host a reception after the wedding day your invitations would read :

Ann and Vincent Smith request the honor of your presence at a celebration of their marriage Saturday, the ninth of November at seven o’ clock Rob Roy Country Club Mount Prospect, Illinois

This way, guests will know that the wedding has already taken place.