New Romantic Art For Custom Bridal Party Shirts

 BridalPartyTees has added some new romantic yet trendy hand drawn accent art to really make your bridal shower, bachelorette party, or wedding day extra special!  Our new art is great as a decorative flourish for your next text tee or design.  Whimsical feathers, arrows, branches, and frames allows you to take a custom bride shirt and easily take it to the next level.  By using BridalPartyTee’s design center you can make matching bride, maid of honor, and bridesmaid shirts with the same flawless design.  Below are some great examples of how you can take our new accent art and make glamorous matching bridal shirts!

Take a trendy saying and mix it up with a classic romantic design.

Make your design cute and simplistic but have a striped flowy crop top to make a statement.

 These design elements really bring a piece together, make sure you incorporate these cute and retro, vintage pieces into your apparel!

Mother and Father Shirts

Most people focus solely on the bride and groom during a wedding, and rightfully so as it is their special day. However, we feel that the parents should also be recognized as the day is also important to them.

That’s why we’ve created Mother of the Bride shirts, Mother of the Groom shirts, Father of the Bride shirts and Father of the Groom shirts. Giving parents shirts recognizing their role in a wedding not only makes them feel special, but gives them a keepsake that they can cherish.

Design Bridesmaids Shirts!

Choosing a wedding gift for those in your bridal party can be a daunting task. Brides want to give their bridesmaids something personal and thoughtful to show their appreciation, and our custom bridesmaids shirts help you do just that. Bridal Party Tees allows you to completely customize every shirt making each one unique for each of your bridesmaids. Our items come in a variety of styles allowing every bridesmaid to be comfortable, yet stylish. Don’t forget our rhinestone feature, that is great for bridesmaids who love their bling!

Maid of Honor Duties



As a newly picked Maid of Honor you have got the job because you are dear to the bride. There are many duties that come a along with the position, but remember that it is an honor and the bride picked you because she trusts you. Every bride is different, so make sure you check with her to see what she needs your help with. But here are a few items that may be on your plate.

1. Calm Down Sweetie

Your number one duty is to keep the bride calm. If she has asked you to be her Maid of Honor that means that she really trusts you. You are the one that knows her stress points and can really help defuse a situation. This may come up in planning or on the actually wedding day. Just be as helpful as possible and serve as moral support and your bride is sure to be happy.

2. Time to pick out the dresses!

Typically, the Maid of Honor accompanies the bride when she is looking for her wedding gown. You can be of great help when it comes to the final choice. You could take pictures for her in different gowns to take home and look at or simply serve as an extra pair of eyes. Plus, it is fun! You may also be asked to help her pick out bridesmaid dresses. Help her choose styles that will flatter all body types. Also, make sure the dresses will be ordered in enough time to accommodate any alterations that may be needed.

3. Final Decisions

Many times it is hard for the bride to make final decisions about the wedding. Your opinion can be of great help in this area. This may include going to look at wedding venues, picking out invitations, picking a cake design, or any other details she is on the fence about.

4. Gift Registrations

The bride may need you to accompany her in completing her gift registry. You can be of great help to make sure she registries for everything she needs. This is a fun trip. So, make the most out of it!

5. Round up the Girls

You can really help the bride by keeping all of the bridesmaids organized and informed of the wedding details.See to it that all bridesmaids get to the rehearsal; coordinate transportation and lodging, if necessary.Also, make sure that all bridesmaids get their hair and makeup done, get to the ceremony on time, and have the correct bouquets.

6. Addresses

Help address and/or put together wedding invitations.

7. Time to Party!

Typically the Maid of Honor gets to host the bridal shower and the bachelorette party. You can be of extra help by keeping track of all of the gifts and who gave them. This will be of great help for than you cards. Need I say anymore? Totally fun!

8. Hold on to that ring! Oh… and the bouquet too.

Hold the groom’s ring during the ceremony. Safest place to put it? On your thumb. As for the bouquet, just hold onto that while the bride says her vows. Easy as pie!

9. Please sign here!

Sign the marriage license as a witness, along with the best man.

10. Make her eat!

Often times the bride is so busy she does not have time to think about eating. Make sure the she takes a moment to eat something. You can be of great help by refreshing her drink, getting her a plate of food from the buffet table, or instruct the wait staff to keep her entree warm.

11. Clean up time!

Help the bride get out of her wedding dress and accessories. Also,make sure they are in a safe place while she is on her honeymoon.


Wedding Ring Pillows From Anna Whitford



Are these not the most gorgeous ring pillows you have every seen? I have already bought the ring pillow for my wedding, but I am half tempted to put it to the side and buy one of these. These ring pillows are from the brilliant designer Anna Whitford. Each pillow is hand made and sculpted on complementing silk dupion. I love the soft detailing and the beautiful flower shapes that are complimented by the satin ribbons in the center to tie the wedding rings. I also love how the ones with color have them subtly incorporated into the design. The best part is that you are able to pick and choose the color and style flower to suit your wedding theme!



15 Mother Son Dance Songs

1. Boyz II Men – A Song For Mama
2.Celine Dion – Because You Loved Me lyrics
3.Bette Midler – Wind Beneath My Wings
4.BJ Thomas-Mama
5.Barbra Streisand – The Way We Were
6.Have I told you lately that I love you – Rod Stewart
7.Ben E King – Stand By Me
8.Blake Shelton – The Baby
9.Bon Jovi – Thank You For Loving Me
10.Christina Aguilera – I Turn To You
11.Rascal Flatts-My Wish
12.Stevie Wonder – You are the sunshine of my life
13.Elvis Presley: Memories
14.Kenny Rogers – Through The Years
15.Mariah Carey – Hero