Say “I Do” With Custom Bridal Underwear

There are so many details that go into planning a wedding and the big day itself. Music, tips, and even directions to the venue – it’s easy to let things slip through the cracks and for the most part that’s okay! Stressing out over minuscule parts of your big day will most likely go unnoticed by everyone else but you. With that being said, don’t let your underwear be the forgotten, yet the most intimate detail to your day. Finding the perfect undergarments are just as important as figuring out what to wear on top. For the groom’s eyes only, custom bridal underwear is a fun and clever way to add a little extra special touch to your wedding day.

Bridal Underwear

Bridal underwear is the best way to surprise your fiancé. They can be traditional, funny, or romantic – it all depends on the message you are trying to convey for your one and only.  Bridal Party Tees has a wide selection of intimates available for you to customize. We offer different options for women AND men. Choose from a variety of styles that include panties, boxers, briefs, and thongs then add your own art and text. Easily add their name or design the perfect something blue if you are more traditional.  Our one of a kind design center allows the user to take any design and switch it onto their product style and color of choice. Just because your underwear say “bride” or “MRS,” doesn’t mean it’ll be the only time you wear them. Don these memorable undies on date night, anniversaries, or wear them all the time because you’ll always be a bride in your hubby’s eyes.

Bridal Underwear


Custom underwear for the bride is the ideal gift for bridal showers and bachelorette parties. Make the bride’s life a little easier by customizing undies, tees, and accessories as gifts!

Bridal Workout Shirts

It’s no secret that most brides want to look their best on their wedding day.  The hardest part about working out is getting the right amount of motivation to get started. Sometimes the desire to look fabulous in your dress might all the motivation you may need but not likely the case for other bride-to-bes. One of the best solutions to encourage and set great workout habits is new workout gear. Put down the chocolate, store the champagne and start sweating for the wedding with our bridal workout shirts.

Bridal Party Tees is a great place to shop for workout gear and an even better place to put your motivation on a tee or tank. Choose your favorite wedding workout design and add your own art and text. If you don’t like style or color of the design you can simply switch out the product. Not only does Bridal Party Tees offer a variety of shirts and sweatpants but we also have an assortment of performance wear for those hardcore brides who are ready to get their sweat on. Our performance wear enhances your ability to workout more effectively with breathable material and moisture wicking properties that are sleek, comfortable, and good looking.

Bridal Workout Shirts

We completely understand that planning a wedding can be overwhelming so we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite bridal workout slogans for you:

Slimming Down For The Gown

Mrs. In Training

White Dress Workout

Kettle-bells Before Wedding Bells

Bride Mode

Sweating For The Wedding

If you are struggling to stay motivated and need workout routines to get tight for Mr. Right, make sure to check out our Sweating for the Wedding pinterest board for great ideas!