Autumn Wedding Inspiration

Fall is an amazing time of year to get married. The air is crisp and cooler, leaves are changing, and nothing is more romantic than curling in a cozy blanket by the fire with your significant other.  There are many directions you can take your fall wedding theme and pumpkins and leaves are only the beginning.  Here are some of our favorite fall trends:

Pumpkin and apple everything. Change up the traditional wedding cake and have pumpkin and apple pies. Pick a venue that has a fireplace and serve hot apple cider. You can even go the extra mile with your menu choices by having pumpkin risotto or soup. Why not serve the soup in an actual pumpkin? The possibilities are endless.

Nature is your decor. It’s hard not to take advantage of the season’s natural decorations and it can make an easy and cheap alternative to traditional wedding flowers.  Leaves, pumpkin, and acorns are only the starting part. Line your aisle with leaves and pumpkins or simply leave the trees changing foliage as your background. Fall is a great season to host an outdoor wedding. It’s not too hot and not too cold but just in case the weather changes earlier than expected it’s nice to have cozy blankets waiting for your guests to use during the ceremony.

Long sleeved dresses. Fall is the perfect chance to be stylish in a long sleeved lacy gown that can be very unique and timeless. Long sleeves aren’t your thing then your bridesmaids can easily sport the style. Another unique idea is having matching custom scarves for you and your bridesmaids. You can never go with a custom mrs. sweater while getting ready for your big day.

We would love to hear what other fall trends you have seen in the wedding world. But for now, fall in love with our Autumn inspiration board and get inspired for your upcoming wedding!

 Custom Mrs Shirt // Rustic Wood Wedding Invitation // Pumpkin Centerpiece // Custom Bride Shirt

Groom & Bride Leaf // Wedding Cake // Shoes // Metallic Pumpkins

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Be The VIP At Your Bachelorette Party With Storefront VIP Bachelorette

VIP Bachelorette is a bachelorette party planning company that makes it their priority to make your bachelorette party one you will not forget. They plan the perfect bachelorette party from the wildest to the mildest bride and will go out of their way to make sure the bride has the most memorable last night out as a single lady.

To enhance a night to never forget, VIP Bachelorette decided to take their brand to the next level by offering custom apparel. VIP Bachelorette is now a high rising storefront on Bridal Party Tees with top rated designs. This is why Bridal Party Tees wants to highlight VIP Bachelorette as our storefront of the month! What we love most about the VIP Bachelorette storefront is that they have incredible images and logos but were unable to get the quality they desired on custom apparel. While we understand that every storefront owner isn’t a technological wiz Bridal Party Tees wanted to make sure VIP Bachelorette got the exact designs they were envisioning from start to finish. Bridal Party Tees was able to offer art and design assistance to match the needs and look that VIP Bachelorette envisioned.

Bridal Party Tees wants every storefront to achieve the design aesthetic they are looking for and are more than willing to help you get to that level you want to reach. We will help you with art assistance, design concepts, and anything else you can think of! If you are thinking of opening up a storefront with Bridal Party Tees shoot us an email and we will be excited to help your brand grow! Need more information on Bridal Party Tees storefronts? Check out our storefront FAQ page!

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Let Love Glow with Glow in the Dark Bachelorette Shirts

Ready, set, glow! Are you looking for the next big idea to set your Bachelorette Party apart from the rest? Bridal Party Tees has now added Glow in the Dark Bachelorette Shirts to make your bridal party stand out in the dark. The glow in the dark feature is a great option to take the “Team Bride” design to the next level on jerseys and pinnies. Our glow in the dark film is an ultra-thin material that is laser cut and then heated pressed. This process creates an extremely durable design that won’t fade over time.  Most bachelorette parties end with a night of dancing at the club so why not create matching glow in the dark koozies and glow in the dark bachelorette sashes.  There is no way you will be missed when you are lighting up the dance floor!

Some great sayings and slogans that work well with the glow in the dark feature are:

 Let Love Glow

Shot In The Dark – Bachelorette Party

Let’s Get Wild

Electric Bride

Glowing Bride

Do you have any glow in the dark bachelorette design ideas? Let us know or start your own storefront!

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Custom Wifey and Mrs Shirts for Wife Appreciation Day

Wife Appreciation Day is September 21st and if you are a recent newlywed this day is extra special for your wife! There are many ways to treat your lady on this special day: cooking her dinner, sending her flowers, or treating her to a spa day. Doing any of those activities would be sure to make your wife swoon but our personal favorite is to design a custom mrs shirt or wifey shirt. What better way to celebrate Wife Appreciation Day than with her new last name!

Our design center is simple and easy to use. First, find your favorite mrs shirt or wifey shirt. Then click the “customize this design.” Last but not least, switch out the text to include your last name and the year you married. Ta-da! Personalizing apparel for your wife is a cute and romantic way to celebrate your wife.

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