Team Bride Baseball Shirts

While you are busy planning away for your big day, we love showing you our designs that are getting an overwhelming response from our other customers. One look that is all the rage right now is the team bride design. While it is totally up you what apparel item you would like to use, many brides are choosing to go with a team bride baseball shirt. Baseball shirts are cute and something the entire bridal party would be excited to wear. Choose from a wide selection of colors to make this baseball shirt fit your wedding style; you could even go with the color of your bridesmaid dresses if you wanted to!

What makes this look even more of a homerun is how versatile it is. With the ¾ length sleeve it can be worn in cooler or warmer whether. Just look at what one Bridal Party Tee’s bride created for her team bride baseball shirt. As you can see, she personalized the shirt by adding the month and the year of her wedding. This design turned out to be a winning combination at a wine tasting she had with her bridesmaids.

Now that your creative juices are flowing, start creating your custom team bride baseball shirt for your wedding!

Team Bride Baseball Shirt

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Custom Wideneck Sweatshirts

Bridal Wideneck Sweatshirts


Custom Wideneck Sweatshirts

There are many ways to capture the special moments of your wedding, from the photography and video to the gifts and keepsakes you receive. But another way to make the memories of your wedding last can be to create a trendy piece of apparel that you can wear the day of and even years after the wedding.

Of course this apparel item has to not only be fashionable, but also has to have a great design customized just for your wedding. Here at Bridal Party Tees, we have the perfect solution. Wideneck sweatshirts! Wideneck sweatshirts are incredibly trendy and stylish, but are also the perfect apparel item to customize for your big day. Years after the wedding you’ll find yourself wearing it over and over because the off-the-shoulder fit is super cute and so comfortable!

While this look is great for you, the bride, it can also be a wonderful gift for the girls in your bridal party. We already have some of our most popular designs waiting for you to customize like the Real Bridesmaids and Team Bride designs! If you are still trying to decide which unique design you’d like for yourself, check out our Mrs. Jones Est. 2013 design that has been red-hot on Pinterest! Change the look by adding your soon-to-be new last name and the year of your wedding.

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Flowy Tank Top Featured Image

Flowy Tank Tops for the Bride, Bridesmaid, and Maid of Honor

With everything you have to do for your wedding, stressing about what type of shirts you want to customize for the night for your bachelorette party shouldn’t be one of them. Sometimes the biggest issue is finding a fashionable women’s top that is even capable of being customized. At Bridal Party Tees, finding a fashion forward top you can personalize isn’t an issue. We strive to bring our customers some of the best tops that are capable of being custom designed for your bachelorette party. One popular item our customers are in love with recently is our flowy tank tops paired with our fabulous crown art.

These bridal flowy tank tops are perfect for the bride who is having a spring or summer wedding. They are not only soft, but also lightweight and come in warm weather colors.

For the bride-to-be, it is only appropriate to save the white, flowy tank top with the bolder crown art for you and then design a matching look for your bridal party with more subtle art and a different color.

The crown design with our flowy tank tops is such a stylish look that you could even wear it to other wedding events like the bridal shower or wedding rehearsal; that is if they make it through the wild and crazy bachelorette party!

Flowy Tank Top With Bride's Name and Crown

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BPT hashtag shirts thumbnail

Wedding Hashtag Shirts

Bridal Party Tees Hashtag Shirts

When we see a trend that is growing in popularity, we always ask ourselves this question. Is this something we could put on a bridal tee that a soon-to-be-bride would want to wear? Lately, we’ve noticed a trend appearing everywhere and it grabbed our attention. Introducing – the hashtag! Sure, we know the hashtag has been around for some time now, but it has since become a globally recognized symbol. You will often see the hashtag being used when people want to spread information or put emphasis on what is important to them. Well, now at Bridal Party Tees, you can create an official wedding hashtag shirt! Create and design one to announce your wedding; using something like #wendyswedding and let your friends and family track your wedding updates on Twitter. No more old school paper communication for the savvy and always connected bride of today.

Who knows? You might even see your wedding trending on Twitter! If you’re on Twitter, tweet us a pic of your hashtag bride shirt @bridalpartytees.

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Mother of the bride shirts featured

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Mother-of-the-bride Shirt

For all the things that mom does for us, she deserves something special on Mother’s Day. A gift for mom is never about how much you spend, but about how much thought and love you have put into the gift. If you ask your mom what is the best Mother’s Day gift she ever got from you, she will probably mention a homemade craft project you gave her as a kid. That’s just the way moms are; they love anything you personalize! Now that you’re older and have a wedding of your own approaching, one personalized gift you could surprise her with is a mother-of-the-bride shirt.

Find the perfect design and style to fit your mom’s personality! If your mom is wild and crazy, customize her mother-of-the-bride shirt to have rhinestones and bold wedding art! If she is more reserved, don’t worry; we have plenty of subtle designs and styles that your mom will love too! You can personalize it even more by adding her name and the date of the wedding.  Take a look at how one of our customers personalized their mother-of-the-bride and mother-of-the-groom shirts!

Mother of the bride shirt

Oh yeah, did we forget to mention? We have mother-of-the-groom designs too! Ask your soon-to-be-husband what he’s getting his mom this Mother’s Day. If he’s still looking for a gift, we have him covered with our unique mother-of-the-groom shirts!

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