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Wedding Hashtag Shirts

Bridal Party Tees Hashtag Shirts

When we see a trend that is growing in popularity, we always ask ourselves this question. Is this something we could put on a bridal tee that a soon-to-be-bride would want to wear? Lately, we’ve noticed a trend appearing everywhere and it grabbed our attention. Introducing – the hashtag! Sure, we know the hashtag has been around for some time now, but it has since become a globally recognized symbol. You will often see the hashtag being used when people want to spread information or put emphasis on what is important to them. Well, now at Bridal Party Tees, you can create an official wedding hashtag shirt! Create and design one to announce your wedding; using something like #wendyswedding and let your friends and family track your wedding updates on Twitter. No more old school paper communication for the savvy and always connected bride of today.

Who knows? You might even see your wedding trending on Twitter! If you’re on Twitter, tweet us a pic of your hashtag bride shirt @bridalpartytees.

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