Custom Jigsaw Puzzle For Bridal Party Proposals

Are you looking for a unique and fun way to pop the question to your future bridesmaids? Look no further because Bridal Party Tees has got you covered. Surprise your maids with a custom jigsaw puzzle with their name and picture on it!

Bridal Party Tees has recently added custom jigsaw puzzles to our vast selection of products. Customize a 12, 30, or 120 piece puzzle with the extra option to add a metal tin container to hold all the pieces.  We are proud to offer one of kind bridal party designs that are uniquely crafted by our talented design team. With our easy to use design center there’s no reason to keep searching for that perfect gift when you can simply create it yourself. Here’s how:

1. Choose your favorite design in our gallery or start with a blank puzzle.

2. Start designing by:

– adding your own text

– adding art from our massive art library

– uploading your own personal image or photograph to select styles

3. Select a quantity and add to cart!

These step-by-step instructions are simple to follow, but if you have any questions feel free to contact our Customer Service team.

Imagine your bestie piecing together a photo of the two of you asking her to be your maid of honor. A memory you’ll both will never forget!

Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

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I’ll Be There For You Bridal Party Shirts

Bridal Party Tees is always looking for the next and upcoming trend in the bridal industry but sometimes we have to take a step back and acknowledge the classics. 13 years ago one of the most highly rated and enjoyable television shows came to an end. Yes – we are talking about FRIENDS. While this series might seem like a thing of the past, a lot of individuals still fondly quote episodes while a whole new generation is just starting to watch. Seriously though, a show about a group of friends living through the ups and the downs of life is incredibly relateable that it can easily transition into every single part of planning your wedding. Your bridal party is a selection of your nearest and dearest besties who will be there for you when the rain starts to pour. If you like smelly cats and unagi then our I’ll Be There For You Bridal Party Shirts couldn’t BE more perfect for your friends.

I'll Be There For You Bridal Party Shirts

You probably thought finding your lobster was the most challenging part of your life but have you ever planned a wedding? Every detail counts and it can become costly. Bridal Party Tees wants to help alleviate stress with our cute and fashionable bridal party shirts because no one wants to see you say the wrong name at the altar. Choose your favorite design and swap it onto any style that we offer or customize it further by adding names and dates. Our design center includes the famous font as well as the iconic door frame. Bridal Party Tees offers hard to beat no minimums and generous group discounts.  Create designs for the entire bridal party or just for the bride and groom!

I'll Be There For You Bridal Party Shirts


Bridal Party Tees would love to see you splashing in the water fountain with your custom tees so make sure to share your pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @bridalpartytees!

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Bridesmaid Tote Bags

Choosing your bridesmaids is one of the easiest tasks when it comes to planning a wedding.  Your bridesmaids are a huge part of your wedding. They attend your showers, buy their own dresses, go to rehearsal dinners and bachelorette parties. These cold stone pack of weirdos have been by your side long before you fell in love with your significant other and have laughed and cried with you through the most important moments of your life. Since these ladies are considered your closest friends and family, it only makes sense to honor and thank them for celebrating your big day with you.

One of the most memorable and charming ways to say thank you is with a personalized gift like a bridesmaid tote bag. At Bridal Party Tees, you can easily customize bridesmaid tote bags by adding your own art, photos, and text. How cute would it be to give your maid a monogrammed tote bag filled with all of her favorite things? Our easy-to-use design center costumers users to design anything they want. Create matching bags for the entire bridal party or an individual design to represent that one bridesmaid. Our gallery is full of trendy and unique designs to help get you started or start from scratch!

Bridesmaid Tote Bags


Why stop there? Treat yourself with a custom bride tote bag. After all, it is your big day. Proudly wear your Feyonce’ tote bag while running all your wedding errands or show that you are the chief of your tribe with matching bride tribe tote bags for you and your ladies.  It will be totes adorbs.

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The Best Bridesmaid Shirts

Everyone knows that planning a wedding is a team effort and assembling that team can be a challenge within itself.  To say that choosing your bridal party is difficult is an understatement. This stone cold pack of weirdos will help you make your dreams come to fruition and will stand next to you on one of the most memorable days in your lifetime. You need each and every maid to feel important and that she is a contributing factor to your big day. Bridal Party Tees wants to help make your ladies feel as special as they truly are with the best bridesmaid shirts!

The Best Bridesmaid Shirts

Choosing a gift for those in your bridal party can be a daunting task. Brides want to give their bridesmaids something personal and thoughtful to show their appreciation, and our custom bridesmaids shirts help you do just that. Our design center at Bridal Party Tees allows you to customize every shirt and make every design truly unique for each of your bridesmaids. Our items come in a variety of styles allowing every bridesmaid to be distinctive, comfortable, and stylish. On top of that our group discounts start at just six items and the more you buy, the bigger the discount! Get all the same design or mix and match to create exactly what you want.

The Best Bridesmaid Shirts

At Bridal Party Tees, we completely understand the stress and time commitments that are involved in planning your big day. We want to make your life easier by offering amazing designs for you to easily make your own. Now make sure your maids know how much you appreciate them and all their hard work with the best bridesmaid shirts!

There’s nothing we love more than offering our customers the best and trendiest bridal apparel online. Share your pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter, orInstagram @bridalpartytees!

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Maid Of Honor Shirts

Once your significant other has popped the question and the engagement party is over it is is time to get down to business. There is endless amounts of planning and intricate details that need to be done within a specific amount of time. Dresses, venues, food, and everything in between – planning a wedding can be incredibly overwhelming and time consuming. Trying to do it all on your own is stressful and hiring a wedding planner is just not realistic for the every day bride. That is where the one and only Maid of Honor makes her debut. Selecting your maid of honor is crucial and can be one of if not the most difficult decisions you will make for your wedding day.  There are a lot of responsibilities that are tied into being the bride’s right hand woman and as your biggest supporter and the leader of your bridal party, your maid deserves a gift that feels distinctly ‘her.’ Make your bestie feel as significant and as important as she truly is with a custom maid of honor shirt!

Finding unique and thoughtful maid of honor gifts for your partner in crime is an important part of the wedding planning process. Your Maid of Honor has been there for you through the years and you have shared numerous unforgettable memories together. To show your appreciation, give her a creative and one of a kind gift such as a custom maid of honor shirt.

Bridal Party Tees offers a variety of styles that will surely fit your maid’s personality as well a gallery full of simple and classic designs to choose from.  But make her feel even more special by customizing any design that we offer by adding nicknames, inside jokes, or your own saying or slogan that has special meaning and reflects the special feelings you have for one another.

Your bridesmaids and maid of honor are some of the most important people in your life so let them know that you honored that they are participating in your big day with custom bridesmaids shirts!


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New Metallic Bridal Party Shirts

BridalPartyTees is excited to announce that we have officially added metallic film as an option on our Bella flowy crop tank top and Bella flowy tank top! This new metallic option in gold or silver will really make your bridal shower, bachelorette party, or wedding day extra special!   By using BridalPartyTee’s design center you can make matching bride, maid of honor, and bridesmaid shirts with the same flawless design.

You won’t find any bridal party shirts like this online. Shine bright like the diamond you really are with these amazing reflective metallic bridal party shirts that will surely get you noticed on your last night out as a single lady or on your big day!

Bridal Party Tee’s has the newest and latest trends when it comes to custom bridal apparel but we want to hear from you! What’s the cutest and latest trend you’ve seen at bachelorette parities or for the bride to be?

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New Floral Text Art For Custom Bridal Party Tees

It’s been a long and brutal winter this year but cheer up – spring is around the corner! To help celebrate the hope of warmer temperatures, Bridal Party Tees created new floral text art for your bridal or bachelorette party.

This floral pattern is masked over a chunky script text, giving these designs a very romantic feel that is ideal for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, or weddings day gear. Bridal Party Tees has provided a gallery full of floral matching bridal party shirts but the option to customize any design is up to you. The floral art includes terms bachelorettes, bridesmaids, maid of honor, bride, and bride to be. We even include Mrs. and wifey for all those brides who want to celebrate their new last name after the wedding.

Bridal Party Tee’s has the newest and latest trends when it comes to custom bridal apparel but we want to hear from you! What’s the cutest and latest trend you’ve seen at bachelorette parities or for the bride to be?

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Mardi Gras Bachelorettes

Mardi Gras Bachelorette Parties

Mardi Gras Bachelorettes
How do you make one of the best parties ever even better? By turning Mardi Gras into your own Bachelorette Party!

Heading to the Big Easy

Brides and Maids of Honor, if you want to make this bachelorette party the best it can be organize a trip to New Orleans for the week long Mardi Gras celebration! The party ends March 4th this year and while we suggest planning early (maybe you’re looking at next year), you can still find the tickets and hotel rooms you need! Check out Mardi Gras New Orleans for tips, tricks and packages.

What makes a Bachelorette Party at Mardi Gras so unique?

Everyone is ready to party! You won’t have any trouble finding someone to buy you a shot because you’re tying the knot. The whole town is ready to get down and have fun! Tons of music, food, and drinks will fill the atmosphere with little effort from you, Maid of Honor.

The costumes! It’s tradition to get the bride, bridesmaids and other bachelorette party attendees dressed in beads, tutus, face paint, and whatever else to make your group stand out. And that’s all a part of Mardi Gras. There will be no shortage of fun costumes and vibrant colors everywhere you turn!

It’s all about the storm before the calm. Mardi Gras is a last-ditch celebration before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. A Bachelorette party is a last-ditch celebration before your bestie turns bride. Need we say more?

Mardi Gras Themed Bachelorette at Home

Thinking a Mardi Gras Bachelorette party is just what your bride ordered, but don’t have the time or money to plan a trip to NOLA? Don’t panic! It’s easy to whip together a Mardi Gras themed Bachelorette party right in your own living room!

How Do I Bring Mardi Gras Home?

First of all, your color scheme is done. Lots of purples, greens, and yellows will definitely capture the feel of Mardi Gras. Think streamers, center pieces, balloons, confetti, ribbon, and of course…  beads!

Make your own King Cake or King Cake cupcakes. Other Mardi Gras inspired dishes can be easy to prepare too, like cake pops and purple trail mix.

Grab masquerade masks in your colors from your closest party store or have the party-goers design their own with glitter, feathers, and crepe paper. There are tons of places online to find free printables. You can even put together your own purple, yellow, and green tutus!

The drinks. Hire yourself a (cute) bartender for the night to mix your girls some sweet Mardi Gras drinks!

Whether you pack your bags for Nah’leans or throw confetti all over your home, it’s essential to pull together your Bachelorette Party with Mardi Gras shirts!

That Bride Cray
Booze to Bride

Mardi Gras Bachelorette

Beads for Bridesmaids

Looking for more Mardi Gras themed Bachelorette party ideas? Check out our Pin board for inspiration!

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Top 5 Bridesmaids Gifts

As the bride, you will be putting your blood, sweat, and tears into every aspect of the wedding to make sure it is perfect and one to remember! But a bride can’t be a one-person team; she’ll need the help of her bridesmaids. Once you’ve chosen your bridesmaids, they will be there to assist you throughout the entire wedding process and deliver on any responsibilities you delegate to them. They are even in charge of the one of the most important events leading up to the wedding, the bachelorette party! So for all the things your maids have done and will do for you, make sure they know how much you appreciate their help by giving them a custom bridesmaids gift created by you!

Here are the top five gifts you can customize for your bridesmaids!

1. Bridesmaids Shirts

Bridesmaid Shirts

2. Bridesmaids Tote Bags

Bridesmaids Tote Bags

3. Pajamas

Bridesmaid Pajamas

4. Hats

Bridesmaids Hats

5. Shot Glasses

Bridesmaid Shot Glasses

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