Top 5 Bridesmaids Gifts

As the bride, you will be putting your blood, sweat, and tears into every aspect of the wedding to make sure it is perfect and one to remember! But a bride can’t be a one-person team; she’ll need the help of her bridesmaids. Once you’ve chosen your bridesmaids, they will be there to assist you throughout the entire wedding process and deliver on any responsibilities you delegate to them. They are even in charge of the one of the most important events leading up to the wedding, the bachelorette party! So for all the things your maids have done and will do for you, make sure they know how much you appreciate their help by giving them a custom bridesmaids gift created by you!

Here are the top five gifts you can customize for your bridesmaids!

1. Bridesmaids Shirts

Bridesmaid Shirts

2. Bridesmaids Tote Bags

Bridesmaids Tote Bags

3. Pajamas

Bridesmaid Pajamas

4. Hats

Bridesmaids Hats

5. Shot Glasses

Bridesmaid Shot Glasses

The Real Bride Shirts -Thumbnail

The Real Bride-To-Be and The Real Bridesmaids Shirts

Are you a bride that isn’t afraid of getting things done to make her dream wedding a reality? Do your bridesmaids have the same attitude? If so, you and your bridesmaids will need bridal shirts that say it like it is! Our real bride-to-be and real bridesmaids shirts we have at Bridal Party Tees reflect this ‘get it done and get out of our way’ kind of spirit!

These shirts will keep things classy, while at the same time demand business when it comes to all things wedding! When you see these shirts, you will know exactly what popular TV show the designs are based off of. And regardless if you are a fan of the show or not, you’ll love how cute and edgy these shirts are when paired together! Customize the real bride-to-be shirt and the real bridesmaids shirts by adding your name and the year of the wedding to the design!

These shirts are incredibly versatile and can be worn to many different wedding events too, not just the bachelorette party! You and your bridesmaids can wear them to the bridal shower and rehearsal as a simple way to let family members and friends know who is part of the wedding! Also, if anyone has questions, they know who to go to in order to get those questions answered and decisions made!

Are you and your bridesmaids badass enough to wear these shirts?

Use promo code BADASS to save 15% on BridalPartyTees.com from now until Saturday, August 24th 2013 at 11:59PM.  Customize these shirts or any other piece of apparel you will be needing for the wedding!

Shop Real Bride-To-Be and Real Bridesmaids Shirts

The Real Bride-To-Be and The Real Bridesmaids Shirts

Team Bride Jersey 2

Bride and Bridesmaid’s Jerseys

If you love the fall and the football season that comes with it, why not marry the two together for your special day? If you wanted, you could have football décor at your wedding or have your bridal party colors match your favorite football team colors, but we’re guessing that you don’t want to go that far. In that case, customizing a bride or bridesmaid jersey can be a simple way of saying, “I’m a football fan!”

The perfect event for these jerseys to be worn is the night of the bachelorette party! Create a custom bride jersey for yourself, the quarterback, as well as accompanying bridesmaid jerseys for the women who will be protecting you on your final night out. Take the team vibe even further and add a name to the back of your jersey along with the year of your wedding. Now that would be a touchdown! Our jerseys are fashionable and made to fit women so they won’t be oversized and bulky like other jerseys you might find in stores.

Even the groom will take notice of the bride and bridesmaid’s jerseys if he is a football fan! Now on the Sundays leading up to the wedding, when he puts on his favorite team’s jersey to root them on to victory, you can put on your custom bride jersey and show him what team you’re rooting for!

Team Bride Jerseys


Team Bride Baseball Shirts

While you are busy planning away for your big day, we love showing you our designs that are getting an overwhelming response from our other customers. One look that is all the rage right now is the team bride design. While it is totally up you what apparel item you would like to use, many brides are choosing to go with a team bride baseball shirt. Baseball shirts are cute and something the entire bridal party would be excited to wear. Choose from a wide selection of colors to make this baseball shirt fit your wedding style; you could even go with the color of your bridesmaid dresses if you wanted to!

What makes this look even more of a homerun is how versatile it is. With the ¾ length sleeve it can be worn in cooler or warmer whether. Just look at what one Bridal Party Tee’s bride created for her team bride baseball shirt. As you can see, she personalized the shirt by adding the month and the year of her wedding. This design turned out to be a winning combination at a wine tasting she had with her bridesmaids.

Now that your creative juices are flowing, start creating your custom team bride baseball shirt for your wedding!

Team Bride Baseball Shirt

Custom Wideneck Sweatshirts

Bridal Wideneck Sweatshirts


Custom Wideneck Sweatshirts

There are many ways to capture the special moments of your wedding, from the photography and video to the gifts and keepsakes you receive. But another way to make the memories of your wedding last can be to create a trendy piece of apparel that you can wear the day of and even years after the wedding.

Of course this apparel item has to not only be fashionable, but also has to have a great design customized just for your wedding. Here at Bridal Party Tees, we have the perfect solution. Wideneck sweatshirts! Wideneck sweatshirts are incredibly trendy and stylish, but are also the perfect apparel item to customize for your big day. Years after the wedding you’ll find yourself wearing it over and over because the off-the-shoulder fit is super cute and so comfortable!

While this look is great for you, the bride, it can also be a wonderful gift for the girls in your bridal party. We already have some of our most popular designs waiting for you to customize like the Real Bridesmaids and Team Bride designs! If you are still trying to decide which unique design you’d like for yourself, check out our Mrs. Jones Est. 2013 design that has been red-hot on Pinterest! Change the look by adding your soon-to-be new last name and the year of your wedding.

A Design Fit For a (Future) King

By now you’ve probably heard about the crazy time that Prince Harry had when visiting Las Vegas recently. If you haven’t heard, let us recap. Prince Harry ran into a group of girls celebrating a bachelorette party and basically crashed it, even asking to wear one of their custom tank tops. You can check the photos out in this Daily Mail article. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Did you look? Crazy stuff, right?

Why do we care about this incident, you ask? Well, the design on the tank tops was one originally created by our designers here at Bridal Party Tees. It reads “Let’s get WILD. [Name’s] Bachelorette!”.

This is our original design:

You can also choose from a variety of other top and color options:

So, if you want to be like Prince Harry and get wild at a bachelorette party, we have a variety of Let’s Get Wild Bachelorette Shirts to choose from!

Team Bride Tank Tops as Seen on Pinterest

Pinterest has become a popular resource to use when planning your wedding. In fact, we have our own Pinterest account to share wedding ideas with our lovely customers. We love browsing through all of the creative wedding pins. We especially love when we come across our products pinned by other people. Needless to say, we were very excited to find that this particular photo of our Team Bride tank tops has gone viral on Pinterest. Our wonderful customer, Kristen, said this about the tank tops she made for her bachelorette party:

“I came up with the idea of this and then ordered them from the only website that would allow me to create exactly what I wanted for my girls and I. The website is bridalpartytees.com. I especially loved this site because they had shirts in my wedding colors (ivory and turquoise) which is exactly what I wanted.”

Awesome! You can create your own tank tops like these for both the bride and bridesmaids. Change the colors to match your own wedding! You can even change the shirt style and font if you’d like something different!

Design Bridesmaids Shirts!

Choosing a wedding gift for those in your bridal party can be a daunting task. Brides want to give their bridesmaids something personal and thoughtful to show their appreciation, and our custom bridesmaids shirts help you do just that. Bridal Party Tees allows you to completely customize every shirt making each one unique for each of your bridesmaids. Our items come in a variety of styles allowing every bridesmaid to be comfortable, yet stylish. Don’t forget our rhinestone feature, that is great for bridesmaids who love their bling!