Team Bride Jersey 2

Bride and Bridesmaid’s Jerseys

If you love the fall and the football season that comes with it, why not marry the two together for your special day? If you wanted, you could have football décor at your wedding or have your bridal party colors match your favorite football team colors, but we’re guessing that you don’t want to go that far. In that case, customizing a bride or bridesmaid jersey can be a simple way of saying, “I’m a football fan!”

The perfect event for these jerseys to be worn is the night of the bachelorette party! Create a custom bride jersey for yourself, the quarterback, as well as accompanying bridesmaid jerseys for the women who will be protecting you on your final night out. Take the team vibe even further and add a name to the back of your jersey along with the year of your wedding. Now that would be a touchdown! Our jerseys are fashionable and made to fit women so they won’t be oversized and bulky like other jerseys you might find in stores.

Even the groom will take notice of the bride and bridesmaid’s jerseys if he is a football fan! Now on the Sundays leading up to the wedding, when he puts on his favorite team’s jersey to root them on to victory, you can put on your custom bride jersey and show him what team you’re rooting for!

Team Bride Jerseys

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