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Something Blue Ideas for the Bride

From the traditional saying, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, a Sixpence in Your Shoe,” your something blue can sometimes be the hardest one to find. Usually, when it come to the other parts of this old English good luck rhyme, the bride’s family and friends will already have items lined up for the something old, borrowed and new. After that, it’s not hard to find a sixpence to use for the occasion, so that just leaves the something blue as your good luck charm!

Your something blue will represent love, fidelity and good fortune. Many brides choose to go the subtle route with their something blue, so we have compiled 7 simple ways to tie in your something blue for the wedding!

1) Blue Temporary Tattoo

Find a fun statement and put it on a temporary tattoo that you can place on yourself for the wedding. While you could place it anywhere, the leg or ankle are the most popular options.

2) Something Blue Underwear

For the groom’s eyes only, this is a fun and clever way to add in something blue. Customize your something blue underwear with fun wedding sayings like, “I do” or “Bride-to-be.”

Something Blue Underwear

3) Something Blue Tank Top

Ideal for your pre-wedding look until it is time to put on the wedding dress!

Something Blue Tank Top

4) Blue Garter Belt

All your guests will wonder what your something blue is until the garter toss.

5) Blue Confetti

Get your guests involved and have them throw blue confetti after you and your new husband have said, “I do!”

6) Something Blue PJ’s

Perfect for the wedding night when you and your husband are relaxing after the wedding festivities.

Something Blue Pj's

7) Blue nail polish

When you show off the ring, you’ll also be showing your something blue.

What did you pick as your something blue? Spill! We want to know!

Something Blue For the Bride

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