50 Resources for a Trendy Fall Wedding

Crisp weather, turning leaves, and the harvesting of so many delicious crops. No season could be more ideal for a wedding than fall. Besides a more temperate climate, fall give brides the opportunity to take advantage of a deep color palette and wonderful seasonal and fragrant foods to spice up their wedding. Out go the daisies and watermelon coolers and in come Black Magic roses and hot cider. Autumn brides, count yourself lucky, because fall is one of the most magical seasons of all.

Fall Dresses

Several things are in style this fall, notably warm, bold tones, Greek-influenced cuts, and dark sashes. Check out some of these dresses from the top designersí latest collections.

  1. Vera Wang Taffeta & Tulle : This creamy dress with a bold and explosive forest green waist adornment follows many current fashion trends. But its deep, warm tones scream autumn. Wang has many dresses along this line of thought, so check out her full collection for more examples.
  2. Vera Wang Greek Sheath : Greek-inspired, toga-like dresses are definitely in this fall and no one does it more elegantly than Vera Wang. This sheath dress is elegant, simple and stylish.
  3. Claire Pettibone Sheath: Another gorgeous silk sheath, this one, from Claire Pettibone, is sexy, feminine and a terrific choice for fall. The cream-hue and beaded flowers and butterflies is very tastefully done and expertly made.
  4. Pnina Tornai Retro: A dress with a plentiful amount of fabric, this gown is both retro and edgy, as well as fall appropriate. If ever there were a season when a bride might want some protection from the elements, fall is one of them. This dress will leave you feeling cozy, comfortable and fashion-forward all at the same time.
  5. Monique Lhuillier Pearl Embellished: While this dress doesnít follow the cardinal rules of fall 2008 fashion, it is still a ringer for the season in our book. While strapless and stringy-strapped dresses are beautiful, being able to rock a dress with sleeves is an opportunity for a bride to cultivate a unique look.
  6. Oscar de la Renta Chiffon : Another signature style this fall is structured bodices on dresses, and no one has managed to pull off that trend, as well as the flowy Greek skirt, better than Oscar de la Renta. This gorgeous silk and chiffon gown is subtle and elegant and very hip.
  7. Priscilla of Boston : An excellent gown with detailed draping and a pleated bodice, this dress works well for fall with both a warm, ivory tone and a large — but not overdone — skirt. The handmade silk flowers that adorn the sash top it off, and the experts agree that a scalloped, structured bodice, also called a crumb catcher is all the rage this season.
  8. Vera Wang Sash: Not to focus too much on Vera Wang, but this designer has obviously mastered, if not personally set, the trends for this fallís bride. This strapless chiffon gown, complete with a moss-green sash tied toga-style across the bodice, embodies so many principles of fall style. Itís a a stunning and fresh look for the coming season.
  9. Monique Lhuillier Short Sleeves: This conservative gown from Monique Lhuillier manages to be both defiant and humble. The lacy cap sleeves, belted waist and mermaid skirt are very hip when put together, defying conventional ideas of sexiness and beauty while allowing a bride to keep a dignified front. This dress is a must-see for fall.
  10. Monique Lhuillier Strapless Sash: A warm, creamy lace dress with a golden sash and empire waist. Sophisticated and very feminine, Monique Lhuillier is a definite rival for Vera Wangís collection, and the cut of this dress is very in-line with fall fashion rules.
  11. Pumpkins!: If you are getting married in October or November then pumpkins are fair game for your wedding dÈcor. These vibrantly colored veggies are an excellent centerpiece for your tables and provide a rich color palette to complement with seasonal flowers deep in hue.
  12. Bold Patterns and Colors : Experts say to cross last year’s mossy greens and jalapeno tones off your list this season. Those colors are out, but bold, dark colors are definitely in, and that goes for bold patterns, as well. Think polka dots, stripes, chocolate browns, bright oranges and punchy reds.
  13. Candlelight : If you are planning an evening or night reception, consider forgoing traditional bulb lights and use only candles instead. Not only will this add to the ambiance of your fall wedding, creating a storybook setting, but it can be further used to your advantage by picking scented candles with traditional fall scents, like cranberry, pumpkin and cinnamon.
  14. Yellow and Brown: The experts agree that one of the hottest colors for this fallís weddings is a bold, golden yellow. Pairing this shade with a complementary, but contrasting color, such as chocolate brown, is a surefire way to strike a breathtaking and warm look while staying within the trends of the season.
  15. Yellow and Black: Want to stick to the seasonís ìitî color, but arenít feeling the cozy vibe of warm tones? Check out this great example of tasteful and hip wedding decor that combines a bright yellow with black and manages to completely avoid any bumblebee comparisons. This is a must-consider for chic, urban brides.
  16. Plum Wedding : Yellow isnít the only ìitî color this fall season, however. The folks at Pantone say plum, lavenders, and silvery grays are in style, and we agree. These cool-yet-warm tones are crisp and clean, deep and sophisticated. While a little contrasty with fallís natural colors, these tones would stand out well in even one of the most natural settings.
  17. Embrace Nature : While you don’t have to go and make your reception theme as colorful as a maple in full reds, you should take the opportunity to incorporate some of the seasonís more subtle features. This example of tying acorns into the place settings is pure genius and so in-line with the trends of minimalism and eco-consciousness.
  18. Subtle Colors : While bold colors are mostly on everyoneís mind this fall, letís face it, some brides just arenít down. For those of you looking to use subtle and minimal colors, look to color combinations like the one exhibited in this elegant bouquet. Using slightly tinted whites and accenting the base with a splash of dark colors, this arrangement fits with the feeling of fall while providing a more delicate mood.
  19. Orange Decor: Get your citrus on by making bright orangey tones the basis for your wedding decor. You could further expound on this treatment by spicing it up with some sassy yellows or else make your oranges more demure by pairing them with complementary pink and purple hues.
  20. Go Traditional: If you want to use the season’s trendy colors, but still stay within the traditional realm, check out this handy article for tips on how to incorporate autumn’s abundance into your dÈcor. Go ahead and scatter those fall leaves down your aisle, just be selective with colors and go as sparse as you can to achieve a more modern, tasteful look.
  21. Apple Orchard: Apple orchards are in prime season during the fall, with the trees brimming with ripe, delicious fruit, which also makes for a beautiful backdrop for both your guests and your photos. Make an event out of it and invite your guests to go apple picking the day before or morning of your wedding.
  22. Rustic Barn: According to this article, barn weddings are all the rage among celebrities this year. Ex-Bachelor star Andrew Firestone got hitched in the barn on his parentsí vineyard, demonstrating that this primitive structure can be made into a beautiful spot for a wedding. Most areas in the U.S. have some sort of agricultural industry, so find out where local foods are grown and investigate the properties!
  23. Aspen Forest: Found most prominently in Colorado, Aspen forests are an extremely striking setting for a fall wedding. With their stark white tree trunks and glittering leaves, which turn a bright yellow in the fall weather, Aspens provide a natural beauty unparalleled by many other trees. Aspens create a romantic setting and theyíll give you an enviable backdrop for your wedding photos.
  24. New England: No place on earth is more beautiful in the fall than New England. While foliage intensity changes from year to year, you can be sure to find a full array of colors in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont during the first part of October. Check your foliage calendar and book a B&B.
  25. Pumpkin Patch : In the same vein as having your fall wedding at an apple orchard, a pumpkin patch is another great fall-themed locale that will lend lots of vibrant colors to your setting. If you choose to do something like this, think of ways you might incorporate the natural offerings of the pumpkin patch into the reception ñ perhaps each guest could be asked to sign or decorate a mini-pumpkin for the bride and groom.
  26. Albuquerque, New Mexico : Every fall, the Balloon Fiesta, one of the largest hot air balloon festivals in the world, is held in Albuquerque, where fields and fields of bright balloons are launched into the air. Timing a wedding ceremony with this launch at a spot that is within eyesight of the festival would make a great backdrop for a fall wedding. Your photos will feature a sky with bumper to bumper hot air balloons ñ what else could be better?
  27. Oktoberfest: You don’t have to travel to Munich to incorporate Oktoberfest into your fall wedding. Recreate the festival at a spot of your choosing by going for a German-themed dÈcor and having your waitstaff serve beer tastings at your reception. If youíre a hardcore aficionado and have the dough, however, we hear Munich is nice in the fall.
  28. Taos, New Mexico: Not to harp too much on New Mexico, but Taos is one of the most beautiful mountain settings in the state. And every fall the city hosts the Taos Film Festival, a popular attraction for film buffs looking to offer their wedding guests an activity beyond your nuptials. Scheduling your wedding in-line with this festival will turn it into a multi-day celebration and give your guests a reason for a mini-vacation.
  29. Lost Maples: Think Texas is devoid of autumn attractions? Think again. Lost Maples State Park is heralded as one of the stateís best, with huge maple trees that, believe it or not, exhibit traditional foliage colors. This state park will allow you to have the privacy of secluded nature with the scenery of a Vermont.
  30. Blue Ridge Mountains : The Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina are another terrific fall destination. While you wonít quite get the dramatic color variations you would find in New England, you will get a decent amount of foliage and excellent mountain vistas. This area of the country is crisp, clean and temperate this time of year, making perfect weather conditions for a fall wedding.
  31. Roasted Quail: While turkey remains the traditional meat of the fall season, throw your guests a delightful curveball by featuring roasted quail on your menu. This recipe for a roasted quail with a cranberry-orange-pecan stuffing is a yummy and fancy way to prepare the small bird.
  32. Bacon Wrapped Venison : Fall is hunting season, so what better time to serve fresh venison meat? Try this bacon-wrapped recipe for added flavor. Since gamey meat isnít a favorite for everyone, you’ll want to offer your guests a choice of entrees. But if this recipe intrigues you, know that there is no better time than autumn to serve it!
  33. Pumpkin Soup : In addition to a nice, light salad full of seasonal greens, a pumpkin soup makes a hearty and comforting second appetizer. There are many ways to prepare it, but stick to recipes for cream-based soups with nutmeg flavors. You could even serve it in a hollowed-out pumpkin if youíre going for the full effect.
  34. Roasted Spiced Sweet Potatoes : Sweet potatoes are the veggie of the fall season, if ever there was one. And there are so many ways to prepare them beyond the standard-issue coating of marshmallows so popular in American households around Thanksgiving. Try roasting them into delicious, gourmet-cut French fries for a side dish to die for or serve them mashed with vanilla.
  35. Wild Mushroom Risotto: Wild mushrooms are a wonderful and flavorful fall vegetable that will lend sensational aromas to your menu, as well as provide a more classy comfort-food recipe for your guests. Incorporating wild mushrooms into some sort of side dish or appetizer is a definite must for you fall wedding brides. Scour the internet for recipes.
  36. Butternut Squash Ravioli : For a delicious vegetarian entrÈe, check out this recipe for Butternut Squash Ravioli with brown butter, walnuts and dried cranberries. Itís scrumptious, colorful, and presents beautifully. You could even consider serving this as a side or a first course.
  37. Roasted Root Vegetables: Fall is all about root vegetables, such as carrots, beets, turnips, and garlic, just to name a few. This recipe from Wolfgang Puck is an excellent example of a beautiful way to prepare and serve root veggies ñ roast them up with some seasonal herbs and youíll get a side dish both plentiful in flavor and color.
  38. Spiced Wine or Apple Cider : Two of the classic drinks of fall, treat your guests to a lovely spiced wine or piping-hot apple cider in addition to whatever youíve got behind the bar. A nice, warming interlude for cocktail hour or a nightcap at the end of the festivities!
  39. Pumpkin Cheesecake: Forget your traditional flour-and-sugar wedding cake! Go smaller and richer by serving up a decorative pumpkin cheesecake. It’s a little fancier than a pumpkin pie and a lot more delicious! Plus the pumpkin and cinnamon flavors will be the perfect compliment to your fall menu.
  40. Apple Walnut Bundt Cake: Sound too much like something your grandma would make? Who cares?! Working some comfort foods into your menu is a perfect strategy for fall. Have little morsels like this apple bundt cake available at a buffet or consider serving slices with the entrÈe in lieu of a dinner roll or bread.
  41. Do It Yourself: The great thing about most of the resources and ideas presented in this guide is that they can all be made by your own two hands and the own two hands of your friends and family. While it may take a little more effort and energy, you can easily do your own fall wedding and save boo-koos of money on decorations and food. Seriously, do you really need an expert to place mini-pumpkins around the reception area or litter leaves down the aisle? Do the simple things on your own and save big.
  42. Go Public: Because of the seasonís natural beauty, you’ll want to aim for an outdoor wedding if at all possible. Pick a public spot or the backyard of a friendís or family member’s home and save on location rental fees, which can quickly eat up a small budget.
  43. Keep it Intimate: One surefire way to keep your costs down is to limit the number of people you have to pay for. Keep your guest list small and get excited for a small, intimate wedding. Truth be told, the more manageable the crowd, the more likely you are to enjoy yourself since you wonít feel like you have to constantly be moving from conversation to conversation.
  44. Be a Copycat : Like these designer dresses and styles, but donít want to trade your firstborn child? Find a good, reasonably-priced seamstress and have him or her recreate your favorite look. Thankfully, the styles of this fall are simple, with sheaths of flowing fabrics ñ looks that are relatively easy to make on your own.
  45. Get Married in the Morning: To take the most advantage of fall’s scenery, it will need to be light out during your ceremony and reception. So consider a morning wedding, where all you provide is a light brunch and a few inexpensive cocktails. This way, you take advantage of the best lighting and views of the foliage!
  46. Take Advantage of Nature : Avoid the expensive cost of flowers by using whatever the season and Mother Nature gives you for free! Decorate with pinecones, leaves collected from a forest floor, or acorns. Take your bridesmaids on a foraging trip and see who can find the best fall gems.
  47. Stick to (Apple) Cider: Cut out the open bar and opt for a cash bar instead, or else just eliminate alcohol all together. Stick to your guns and your theme and offer your guests complimentary fall beverages, like apple cider and spiced tea.
  48. Be Your Own Wedding Planner: How hard can it be? Don’t hire an expensive wedding planner to help you run a checklist if money is an issue. Instead use one of the many online wedding planning tools and be the boss of your own event.
  49. Ask for Money: If you’re strapped for cash, but donít need another kitchen accessory as long as you live then ask your guests to strictly give gifts of money. Then you can use the proceeds from the event to pay down the costs.
  50. Bridal Loans: In the end, it may simply be that if you want the wedding of your dreams, youíre going to have to seek some help. Check out you bank, credit union, or look to lenders like Bridal Loans, who specialize in small to moderate-sized loans specifically for the purposes of getting married.

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