New Nautical Designs for Custom Bridal Party Tees

Planning a cruise for your upcoming bachelorette party? Heading to the coast for some fun in the sun with your girls? Maybe you’re entire wedding is beach themed. If you’re planning a marital, maritime bash then we have the perfect custom nautical theme shirts for you!

Customize a nautical design for your bridal party to get ready in the morning of the big day. Customize a fun crop top for your beachy bachelorette party. Design a custom Navy Wife sweater if you’re marrying a military man.  Or create a customized honeymoon tee for a cozy get-a-way!

Nautical Theme Bridal Party Tees

Don’t wait for the ship to come in! Customize your Nautical Theme Bridal Party Tee today!

Bahama Mamas Cruise

Initials and Heart Wedding Invitation

Custom Wedding Invitations

There are a number of things you can customize for your wedding day. You can have a custom dress made if you have the extra cash. You can customize your wedding shoes too. You can design shirts for the morning of your wedding. You can DIY your centerpieces, your altar, and lighting (like Mason jar candles!).

One of the most obvious custom projects for your wedding is your invitations! There are millions of resources out there for brides-to-be to design their own invites. Here are some of Bridal Party Tees’ favorite sites and stores for creating custom wedding invitations:

There are a ton of stores on Etsy that sell custom wedding invitations. These stores are operated by independent artists who use Etsy to reach future brides and display their work. You simply choose your favorite design (don’t worry, you can order samples before you make a final purchase) and add in your date, names, times, etc.!

Laser Cut Wedding Invitation
Initials and Heart Wedding Invitation

Minted wedding invitations are also designed by individual artists and sold through the site to brides like you.

Color Us Happy Wedding Invitation

Places like VistaPrint let you upload your own design or photos and customize your invitations from scratch. You can also choose to customize a design already featured on VistaPrint.

Horizontal Flat Wedding Invitation
However you choose to design your wedding invitations, just be sure that it’s a reflection of you and your wedding- that’s what it’s all about!


Look Book: Spring Florals

Spring Florals from Bridal Party Tees

Alice Olivia long chiffon skirt
$575 –

Giuseppe Zanotti pumps


Even odd brown purse
$57 –

Alexis bittar jewelry

Kenneth jay lane bracelet
$135 –

Tasha tube scarf

Antique sunglasses

Nail polish

Floral Bride To Be

New Wifey Floral Text

New Custom Bags for Your Wedding Planning Needs

Grab your cell phone, your tablet, your color samples, your 500 bridal mags, your seating chart drafts, your save-the-date drafts, and your list of photographer and caterer prices. Don’t forget your wallet and car keys!

It seems impossible at times to plan a wedding, but before you go turning into a bridezilla, take a breath and tackle the problem in your hands. There are a million things a bride-to-be needs to have on hand at any given moment.

Tote all your wedding planning necessities in a new custom bag! We’ve added two brand new bags to expand our line of handy wedding planning accessories. The Medium Duffel Bag and the Pro-Weave Bag are available for customizing!

Custom Bags

The Pro-Weave bag is the first duffel bag that we can decorate using our direct to garment digital printers. This means you can add full color art, lots of different text styles, and in general, more intricate designs than on our other duffel bags. We can print directly on this bag because it is made of fleece, just like most of our customized sweatshirts and hoodies.

These handy little custom duffel bags are just the right size for your honeymoon carry-on! Throw your custom bathing suit, toothbrush, and boarding pass in your new custom bag and fly off into the sunset to start your happily ever after. (P.S. they make for a cute and totally reusable gift for your ever-so-helpful bridesmaids!)

Are You Being a Bridezilla? Keep Calm and Plan a Wedding.

You’re picking the menu, choosing the flowers, calling caterers and photographers. You’re picking colors and styles and choosing a dress. You’re scheduling hair appointments, fittings, and nail salon visits. You’re deciding on centerpieces and seating charts. You’re calling family members, friends, and rounding up addresses. You’re losing your mind and turning into a Bridezilla.


It’s easy to get overwhelmed and manic when you’re planning a wedding. There is so much to think about, let alone do! You’ve got some help, but it seems like it will never come together. The best thing to do in these times? Relax. Destress. Take a moment away from the wedding plans. Breathe.

Before you go ditching your wedding plans and grabbing the next flight to Vegas, try these tips to keep calm.

  • First and foremost, step away from the plans. Literally. Do not look at seating charts, invitation typography, or bouquet arrangements.  Physically separate yourself from all wedding plans.
  • Try spending time with your bridesmaids, but just as friends. Take some time to see a movie or have a spa day with your girls. The catch? No. Wedding. Talk. Use the time to remind yourself that you have a great bunch of ladies who love and support you. Do not use the time to continue handing out orders. They get irritated, then you get irritated.
  • If you feel like you’re constantly answering other people’s questions and have a million different decisions to make, try making some alone time. You might be feeling overwhelmed with a ton of different people calling, texting, emailing, and Facebooking. Unplug from the world and spend time alone. Go for a run or hike. Cook and eat a dinner alone. Read a book. Nap. Do anything to recharge your overworked brain!
  • Laugh. Laugh at yourself! Poke fun of the crazy Bridezilla you’ve become! Design a custom Bridezilla shirt to let everyone know that you know you’ve been a little cranky! Friends and family members will appreciate you recognizing how demanding you’ve been and find it in their hearts to forgive you. They know you’re stressed. They want to help. Remember that and planning a wedding together will be easy.
  • Above all, remember that this is a celebration of your love. You’ll be marrying your soulmate in front of all of the people who matter to you. Friends and family are there on that day to express their support and love for you. Don’t lose focus and turn your dream-come-true into a nightmare! Keep calm and plan a wedding.Bridezilla Cropped
    Keep Calm And Crop