Say “I Do” With Custom Bridal Underwear

There are so many details that go into planning a wedding and the big day itself. Music, tips, and even directions to the venue – it’s easy to let things slip through the cracks and for the most part that’s okay! Stressing out over minuscule parts of your big day will most likely go unnoticed by everyone else but you. With that being said, don’t let your underwear be the forgotten, yet the most intimate detail to your day. Finding the perfect undergarments are just as important as figuring out what to wear on top. For the groom’s eyes only, custom bridal underwear is a fun and clever way to add a little extra special touch to your wedding day.

Bridal Underwear

Bridal underwear is the best way to surprise your fiancé. They can be traditional, funny, or romantic – it all depends on the message you are trying to convey for your one and only.  Bridal Party Tees has a wide selection of intimates available for you to customize. We offer different options for women AND men. Choose from a variety of styles that include panties, boxers, briefs, and thongs then add your own art and text. Easily add their name or design the perfect something blue if you are more traditional.  Our one of a kind design center allows the user to take any design and switch it onto their product style and color of choice. Just because your underwear say “bride” or “MRS,” doesn’t mean it’ll be the only time you wear them. Don these memorable undies on date night, anniversaries, or wear them all the time because you’ll always be a bride in your hubby’s eyes.

Bridal Underwear


Custom underwear for the bride is the ideal gift for bridal showers and bachelorette parties. Make the bride’s life a little easier by customizing undies, tees, and accessories as gifts!

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The Best Day Ever Shirts

There are significant points in every persons life that are considered monumental and life changing.  For many, one of the most important and celebrated events is getting married. Committing your love and devotion in front of dozens and sometimes even hundreds of witness is a big deal. It only makes sense that you want things to go smoothly and every detailed perfected in planning what could be the happiest day of your life. Some might even say the best day ever?  Commemorate this moment in time with the best day ever shirts!

Best Day Ever Shirts

All of our best day ever designs at Bridal Party Tees are great for customization and incorporating wedding dates or new last names. Choose one of the designs in our gallery and simply add your favorite art and colors.  From there, select your favorite style tee, tank, or sweatshirt. Brands at Bridal Party Tees include Bella, American Apparel, Alternative Apparel, and many more!

Our talented designers have added one of a kind art to trendy tees, tanks, and crop tops but with the ability to customize any design in our gallery, customers have the option to swap any design onto any product. Bridal Party Tees unique design center makes it incredibly easy to create matching accessories from coffee mugs to tote bags.

Best Day Ever Shirts

Although, we completely understand if expectations are at an all time high to achieve the perfect look. Our customer service team would be more than happy to assist you through the creative and designing process. After all, this is a period in time you will never forget!

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Bride PJs For Your Bachelorette Slumber Party

Beaches, casinos, and debauchery are the first things you associate with the all so infamous bachelorette party. Fabulous getaways and destination bachelorettes’ look glamorous but in reality, who has the cash and all this paid time off? Now we’re not saying that there shouldn’t be a celebration of the bride and her upcoming nuptials.  Instead of girls night out, why not have a girls night in? Remember those classic sleepovers you would have with your besties growing up? Bring it back to the basics and what it’s really all about – friends and memories.  Recreate that excitement you had as little girls with custom bride pjs for the bride and her maids!

Bride PJsA bachelorette slumber party is a cute and memorable way to honor the bride and the friendships you have built throughout the years. Bridal Party Tees offers two incredibly soft and roomy pajama bottom options of seersucker and flannel but a plethora of shirt styles  Shirt, tank top, or billboard jersey – Bridal Party Tees has whatever fits your sleeping preference.

From there easily create matching pajama sets for everyone attending the festivities. After creating or customizing your first design, simply add it to your cart. In the cart, you’ll see a link to “Copy Design.” Clicking this link will let you customize that design. Now just add it to your cart, and it will appear as a new item! Once you add 6 items or more to your shopping cart, a group discount is automatically applied. Our gallery is already filled with classic design options but you can effortlessly click your favorite design and customize it with your own art and text.  A bachelorette slumber party is sounding pretty awesome right now, isn’t it?

Maybe a slumber party just isn’t in the cards. Bride PJ’s can be the cutest and most personal gift at bridal showers. Create pajamas for the bride-to-be to wear the night before and while she is getting ready for her big day. Better yet, customize adorable Mrs. or wifey pajama sets featuring her new last name for her to wear during the honeymoon. It’s a meaningful and priceless gift that the bride will surely love!

Bride PJs

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Custom Bridal Party Jackets

There are a lot of intricate details that are involved when planning a wedding. No detail can be overlooked because even the smallest thing will can be a significant memory for years to come. One of the most common factors that brides and maid of honors mistakenly forget to plan for is weather.  Now that the weather has officially taken a colder turn, it’s more likely that freezing temperatures or even snow might occur at one of your wedding events. So what is the best solution to plan for unruly weather but yet make a statement that you will remember forever? Custom jackets of course!  Custom bridal party jackets are a cute component to any and all of your bridal functions.

Custom Bachelorette Party Jacket

Bridal party jackets are a great and trendy alternative to the classic “getting ready” tracksuit that many bridal parties wear. Bridal Party Tees has several jacket options to choose from that will surely fit you and your maids personalities. Letterman, bomber, and jean jackets are our newest additions but we also offer the more traditional tracksuit.  Create designs for your entire bridal party or just for you.  Our no minimums and group discounts make it incredibly easy to create one design or twenty. And you have to admit, the ladies rocking their matching jackets for the bachelorette party and on the wedding day will be memory you will never forget!

Custom Bride Jean Jacket

You did hear right! Every product and design we offer can be customized to be truly unique to your style and wedding taste.  Instead of purchasing a premade design, you can literally create anything you want. Our galleries are designed with bridal parties in mind but feel free to start from scratch. Maybe designing isn’t your thing? Our customer service team would be more than happy to assist you through the creative and designing process.

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Fall In Love With Our Bridal Flannel Shirts

From the music to the centerpieces, you have to think of every single little detail when planning a wedding because even the smallest element will be remembered for the rest of your life.  And because of these details, one of the most important pieces of your wedding is the photography. Photographer’s help capture these moments in beautiful pictures so you can later relive your big day all over again. After hours of endless planning, getting ready to walk down the aisle can be exhilarating and you’ll want to stay in that moment of time for as long as possible.  Creating a one of a kind tee, tank, or sweatshirt to wear while you are having your hair and makeup done is one special way to capitalize on being the bride to be. But why stay traditional when you can be a trendsetter? Bridal Party Tees has the answer with our custom bridal flannel shirts!

Bridal Flannel Shirts

Customizing a flannel for you and your maids is perfect because you don’t have to worry about pulling it over your up-do and you can casually leave it open or buttoned up. Bridal flannel shirts are great for fall weddings but also work well with rustic and western themes.  Our incredible design team has created unique art meant only for flannel shirts and with five different color options to choose from you’ll truly fall in love with our bridal flannel designs. At Bridal Party Tees, our flannel designs and fonts are made from a highly durable, fade-resistant laser cut film material. This material is applied at a very high temperature and pressure for a long lasting, vibrant look. With such a comfortable and cozy feel you’ll want to continue to wear your flannel even after the wedding!

All of our flannel styles are unisex so even the Groom and his fellas can join in on the fun. Or better yet create matching bride and groom designs for engagement pics or for after the wedding! So cute and unique to anything else out there.

Bridal Flannel Shirts

If you are still struggling to think of the most perfect additions to your wedding then make sure you check out our Pinterest page! Bridal Party Tees Pinterest is a great source for bridal gifts and wedding ideas!

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Bride and Groom Shirts

Getting married and having a wedding is a once in a lifetime event. Couples want to relish in every moment possible from the beginning of the planning process to the last day of their honeymoon. This is also a special time in their life where they are fondly acknowledged as fiancé(e), bride, and groom. Having these titles for a limited amount of time can be exciting and give a little extra pep in your step during the planning process so why wouldn’t you want to take full advantage of something so wonderful? Wear your charming titles for as long as possible with bride and groom shirts!

Bride and Groom Shirts

Custom bride and groom shirts are perfect to wear while getting ready for your big day or to change into before your big send off.  Our gallery is full of the most unique and adorable couples designs you will not find anywhere else. Every design has the ability to be customized which means that you can easily add names, dates, and anything else you would like! Be simple, classic, or funny – the option is up to you to create a design that suits you and your significant others personality. No worries grooms and future hubbies. We have many designs and shirt styles that both you and your husband are sure to love!

Bride and Groom Shirts

What makes Bridal Party Tees better than most online retailers is that our designs for the bride and groom are not only limited to apparel but also include custom drinkware and accessories. Any design you see in our gallery can be customized to any product we provide on our website at no extra cost. All you have to do is find the design you like and swap out the item in the design center. It’s really that easy.

Although, we completely understand if expectations are so high to achieve the perfect look. Our customer service team would be more than happy to assist you through the creative and designing process. After all, this is a period in time you will never forget!


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Custom Bride Bikinis For Your Wedding

For most, wedding planning is a huge undertaking that requires a lot of energy and time. There are so many options from flowers, food, who to invite and not to invite and brides want every little detail to be perfect. But most importantly, it’s your moment in time to celebrate your love for one another and you want every moment to be unforgettable.

While there is a lot of planning and coordinating to get you to your special day, there is also joyous events to look forward to like your bachelorette party and honeymoon. The new trend is to take your maids to a festive destination and chances are your honeymoon will be to a fabulous tropical island as well. It’s all about the bride so don’t get caught wearing the same white bikini as someone else instead design a one of a kind, custom bride bikini!

Bride Bikini


Bridal Party Tees offers two bathing suit styles for you to choose from. Our Omni Swimsuit has a a full coverage bottom, but with a flattering fit, so that you feel slim and sexy while our American Apparel Nylon Tricot Bikini gives you more of the itty, bitty string bikini style. Every design in our galley has the capability to be customized. You can make your design as simple or as unique as you want by adding your favorite colors and switching out art and fonts.

But why just stop there? Create matching bachelorette bikinis for you and your ladies as you party the night away as single ladies. You can even design coordinating custom cover-ups, neon bachelorette party shirts, or neon trucker hats to really make a statement while you are relaxing on the beach.

Bachelorette Bikinis

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The Best Bride Shirts

After years of searching and some failed attempts at dating, you have found the one and on your way to making it official. Getting married is a huge milestone in most individuals lives and planning a wedding can be stressful but should always be considered a joyous event. Every moment counts as you count down the days to your wedding nuptials. You’ll want to remember every detail and emphasis even the smallest element to create long lasting memories. Bridal Party Tees wants to help you create lifelong memories by sharing a list of the best bride shirts!

Designing a custom bride shirt is a fun and an exciting way to, in lack of better terms, get the party started! Create a bride shirt to wear during the planning process, on your big day, or while you are are vacationing on your honeymoon. We offer a large gallery of designs to choose from but you can easily take any design and swap it onto any product. Our custom bridal apparel includes jerseys, sweaters, tank tops, crop tops, undies, and more and our design processes include glitter, rhinestones, and our newest addition: metallic foil!

The Floral Script Bride Tank Top

Bride Diamond Marquee Sweatshirt

Bride Definition Shirt

Rhinestone Diamond Bride Shirt

Barbie Bride Tank Top

Fun Team Bride Jersey

Country Brides Do It Tank Top

Ohio Bride Shirt

Custom Bride's Name Jersey

Tropical Beach Bride Tank Top

Bridal Party Tees has the trendiest and most stylish selection of tees, tanks, and hoodies online. We carry the top brands in custom apparel that include: Hanes, American Apparel, Bella, Gildan, Alternative Apparel, Canvas, and Jerzees. We also use direct-to-garment digital printing for the majority of our products, which gives our designs vibrant and long lasting prints. We pride ourselves on being good at what we do and offering you the best services in custom apparel. Learn more about our art and printing process but we promise you won’t be disappointed.

There’s nothing we love more than offering our customers the best and trendiest bridal apparel online. Share your pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @bridalpartytees!

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