2013 Wedding Trends: Wedding Dresses

Wedding season has arrived. The biggest “to do” for every bride is finding the perfect dress! Dress shopping can get tricky with lots of styles, lots of opinions and large price ranges. Stick to your budget and to your individual style, but try some styles on that you may not have planned on. You never know which one you might fall in love with. There are quite a few new trends that came off the runway for the 2013 wedding dress season. Remember, dresses off the runway can tend to be over the top, but you can always find dresses that have hints of runway style, but are toned down so you can find something that works for you and your big day.

2013 Trends:

1. Back Details

Show a lot of skin to just a peek from a lace keyhole, open backs are a great way to add a little sexiness to your look. Silk buttons, sheer fabrics and embellishment on the back of the dress is also a big trend for 2013.

2. Long sleeves

Not your average frumpy long sleeve dresses from the days of old. The new long sleeve trend is stylish and lovely, especially when done with specialty fabrics. With a nod to vintage styles, the new long sleeve wedding dresses are a lovely alternative to sleeveless gowns.

3. High necklines

Most often this style is done with a feminine fabric, such as lace. This new trend adds some structural detail to your dress and can be just as sexy as a low neckline.

4. Peplum skirts

Peplum details are being seen this year in blouses, skirts and especially wedding dresses. A perfect lady-like feature that gives your dress a vintage style.

5. Pastels

If you’ve never pictured yourself in a traditional white gown, this is your season! You can get away with a range of beautiful pastel colors with pink leading the way. Don’t be afaid to step out of the norm and try something different.

6. Slits

From sheaths to ball gowns, showing a little leg is hot this year.

7. Short dresses and suits

Headed to the courthouse for a small wedding, or having an understated ceremony? Don’t forgo a fabulous look. You can find styles that are geared for the small, modest ceremony, such as shorter dresses or two piece suits.



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New Years Bachelorette Bash!


The Hostess with the Mostess had a great decor design for a New Years Eve Party. As I was reading this post my wheels started turning and I had a wonderful idea! I was thinking that it would be a blast to have a New Years themed bachelorette party. Just think about it…she is starting her new life in the new year, champaign, staying up all night, and tons of fun. Sounds like a great bachelorette party to me. You could start all the girls out with a few cocktails at home complete with gold and silver decor. Then head out on the town in a great party dress! I love the gold one pictured below for a fun New Years night. The advantage of doing a bachelorette party on New Years is that there is a ton of festivities and things to do. If you really wanted to go all out, fly into New York for the party and watch the ball drop in Time Square. That is sure to be a night to remember. If you are not all about the huge crowds in New York, then local festivities are usually lots of fun. You could even go party hoping. The options are endless. But one thing is for sure, it will be a great time she is sure to remember!


decorations and countdown flutes, dress

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Black and White Wedding

When we first start planning our wedding, we realize what a big choices we have to make! One part of the planning process that often stresses out a bride-to-be is choosing a color theme. And rightfully so. It’s a big decision and once you move forward with that color or color scheme you have to follow through with it in almost every other aesthetic decision. And if you second guess your choice it can feel like your entire. wedding. is. ruined. It’s a lot to ask of a color.

A color (or lack thereof) that often gets forgotten about when bride-to-be’s make this life altering decision is black.  There’s something elegant, classic, and it feels like a homage to Hepburn style when you contrast the wedding-white with clean black centerpieces and other adornments.

So if you’re planning your wedding, consider black for a color. And don’t forget to check out our black bridal party tees to keep the theme going at your bachelorette party and more!

black and white wedding

Pictures courtesy of Rebecca Thuss and Brides.com

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