Black and White Wedding

When we first start planning our wedding, we realize what a big choices we have to make! One part of the planning process that often stresses out a bride-to-be is choosing a color theme. And rightfully so. It’s a big decision and once you move forward with that color or color scheme you have to follow through with it in almost every other aesthetic decision. And if you second guess your choice it can feel like your entire. wedding. is. ruined. It’s a lot to ask of a color.

A color (or lack thereof) that often gets forgotten about when bride-to-be’s make this life altering decision is black.  There’s something elegant, classic, and it feels like a homage to Hepburn style when you contrast the wedding-white with clean black centerpieces and other adornments.

So if you’re planning your wedding, consider black for a color. And don’t forget to check out our black bridal party tees to keep the theme going at your bachelorette party and more!

black and white wedding

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