DIY Wedding Cake Toppers

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I was browsing the Design Sponge web site when I found this adorible cake topper idea. This idea came from two readers named Luke and Brian who were married last October. Luke and Brian were on the search for a unique topper that would look wonderful on a stand of cupcakes. So, they created these little birds that were built to resemble the happy couple. If you ask me, they couldn’t have come up with anything more adorible! If you like these funky little birds, check out the DIY instructions below!

DIY wedding cake toppers

 What you’ll need:

 -paper and pencil to sketch
-white styrofoam
-knife or carving tool to carve the foam
-sand paper
-craft glue
-white tissue
-glitter, beads, pins and decorative details like buttons, fabric covered wire and pipe cleaners

 1. First we sketched out our ideas based on a photo of us, then decided (by making a mock up of the cake) what size we wanted the final piece to be.

 2. We then carved the body and head shapes out of white styrofoam, sanded them smooth with sandpaper and applied a layer of craft glue to harden and gloss.

 3. Then we added a few thin layers of white tissue and craft glue to give a hard smooth surface on which to work.

 [From here on out the decorative details are up to you…]

 4. The bodies were then covered in fine glitter to look like sugar and eyes (made of beads with flathead pins attached) were pinned into the foam forms.

 5. The wings and tails were made of tweed fabric (with a layer of clear glue to shape them and keep from fraying).

 6. The beaks and legs are toothpicks dipped in glue and and glitter.

 7. Brian’s eyeglasses are made of fabric covered wire and Luke’s hat is made from the top of an acorn!

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