Bridal Party Tees Coupon Code For July 2020

Summer is in full swing and weddings are beginning to take place once again. Bridal Party Tees is happy to be a part of your big event this summer and we want to do our part to keep wedding costs down!

For the entire month of July, you can use promo code JULYWED to get 10% off your entire order.

Adding a few more people to your wedding party? Don’t worry, the code is good for the entire month of July, so come back and use it as many times as you’d like!

Wishing you, your significant other, friends, and family a very happy and joyous month of July. Congrats on your wedding!

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Bridal Party Tees Coupon Code For June 2020

With June comes the first day of summer, and everyone loves a summer wedding! What better way to make your most special event even more so with custom shirts for everyone in your bridal party?

For the entire month of June you can use coupon code SUMWED to get 10% off your total order! This code will be valid until midnight on June 30th, so use it as many times as you want throughout the month.

Congratulations to all the summer newlyweds!

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BPT Coupon Code for May 2020

Okay, who is planning a huge bachelorette bash this month? Gonna get all the girls together and hit up as many bars as you can? No? No one?

Hmm. Well, that’s not ideal for our business. Truth be told, this global pandemic isn’t great. We don’t like it.

If you can’t have an in-person bachelorette party, why not have a virtual one? At Bridal Party Tees, you can make custom shirts and tanks with no minimums.

This means you can send a custom bachelorette tank top to every girl sitting at home. Then you can all hop on a Zoom conference with your personalized apparel. Have a few cocktails. Tell some good stories.

And then save your tank tops for once this quarantine ends. You’re gonna have your real bachelorette party eventually, don’t worry.

Use code GONNA for 10% off all orders. Code expires May 31, 2020.

Start shopping.

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Bridal Party Tees Coupon Code for March 2020

Wedding season is right around the corner! March brings the first day of spring and the beginning of warmer months. It’s the perfect time to plan or have a wedding. Whatever your bridal event may be, we have designs to meet your needs.

Axe throwing is a growing recreational pass time, and we now offer fun axe throwing shirts for your bachelor or bachelorette party. Take one last swing before the ring this spring.

Irish brides will rejoice for St. Patricks day this month, and we’ve got tons of fun designs for your custom St Patrick’s day wedding shirt needs. Whether your in the groom’s crew or the bribes squad, we’ve got you covered.

We’re so excited that you chose to be a part of your big day, we want to offer you 10% off the whole month of March with coupon code AXERNG. Use it as much as you want until the 31st at 12:00am ET.

Take one last swing before the ring this spring

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Bridal Party Tees Coupon Code for February 2020

Love is in the air and wedding bells are ringing. What more could you want? How about savings on

Let us make your special celebration even better when you use code VWED at checkout on to get 10% off your entire order. You can use the code as many times as you want all through February.

Whether you’re looking for a custom sash for your bachelorette party, or some sexy custom undies for your honeymoon, has what you need, at an affordable price.

All designs are customizable, future wifey.

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Bridal Party Tees Coupon Code for December 2019

Celebrate your nuptials this Christmas with your significant other. We’ve got some great matching Mr. and Mrs. festive sweaters for you to wear to all the Christmas parties, choose from one of our many other ugly sweater designs or customize your own! Use code MERRY for 10% off your order this whole month! It doesn’t expire until 12/31 at midnight!

Check out some of our favorite new adds for this holiday season:

We’d love to see your holiday sweaters this year!!

Start Shopping Now!

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Bridal Party Tees Coupon Code for October 2019

Use code GRATS for 10% off your order for the month of October! It doesn’t expire until midnight ET on 10/31/2019!

Start Shopping Now at Bridal Party Tees!

We’ve got all the things for the wedding party, before and after!

$10 tees & tanks!

Bachelorette Party

Bridal Party

Before the Wedding

After the Wedding

Have fun customizing yourself and your party some super cute apparel for the big day! Add to our designs to make them your own or start from scratch and create a totally unique design! It’s so much fun!

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Make Custom Parody Designs for Your Bride Sweatshirt

You know what’s fun? Taking a neat thing from pop culture and re-mixing it. Mashing it up. Making it your own.

If you’re trying to make a unique design for your Bride Shirt or Bachelorette Tank Top, then you have to get creative. You don’t your girls to wear the exact same thing as all the other Bachelorette Parties, right?

For example, the classic Barbie logo. Love that font. So cute.

We’ve re-created this logo so that it says “Bride”. See our Bride-Barbie parody sweatshirt here.

You can customize that design to switch it out onto any of other items. Tees, Tanks, Hats, and so forth.

Hey, you can even add your own text. Add the bride’s name or the wedding date or an inside joke.

Another favorite parody concept on our site is The Real Housewives that we re-mixed to say The Real Bridesmaids.

As in, you can make custom tanks that say The Real Bridesmaids of Name’s Wedding. We made the “the” sideways and everything.

It’s just a big, bold font with a lowercase “the” and uppercase “REAL BRIDESMAIDS”. Then you just need to customize it with the details.

Obviously add the Bride’s name, but you can also think about making specific variations for the Maid of Honor, the Flower Girl, and so on.

As in, The REAL MAID OF HONOR of Amy’s Wedding. The REAL FLOWER GIRL of Amy’s Wedding. You know who would love their own version? The Mother of the Groom. Big time. Think about it!

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