New Years Bachelorette Bash!


The Hostess with the Mostess had a great decor design for a New Years Eve Party. As I was reading this post my wheels started turning and I had a wonderful idea! I was thinking that it would be a blast to have a New Years themed bachelorette party. Just think about it…she is starting her new life in the new year, champaign, staying up all night, and tons of fun. Sounds like a great bachelorette party to me. You could start all the girls out with a few cocktails at home complete with gold and silver decor. Then head out on the town in a great party dress! I love the gold one pictured below for a fun New Years night. The advantage of doing a bachelorette party on New Years is that there is a ton of festivities and things to do. If you really wanted to go all out, fly into New York for the party and watch the ball drop in Time Square. That is sure to be a night to remember. If you are not all about the huge crowds in New York, then local festivities are usually lots of fun. You could even go party hoping. The options are endless. But one thing is for sure, it will be a great time she is sure to remember!


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