New Years Reflection


happy new year

At the end of each year, I like to sit down and reflect on the year that has just past. This helps me remember everything and take time out to improve myself. So, I went through all of the past blogs of 2008. I picked the ones that I liked the best or the ones that really represented the past year. Did you have a favorite that I missed? If so, let me know!

1.Rachel and John’s Wedding – I love weddings and Rachel and Johns wedding was beautiful. It was full of intimate details that truly made the wedding stand out!
2. 50 first Dance Songs– This post was one of my favorite to write! I got to listen to so many fabulous songs. Plus, this is a big decision make for your wedding. It really helped me choose my first dance song. I hope it helped or will help some of you.
3.Wedding Luminaries– This post rounds the top 10 simply because I LOVE luminaries. They are gorgeous and on a snowy winters night or a balmy summers night, they are breath-taking.
4.Awww… Too Cute Flower Girl Options– This post is one of my favorites simply because it is freaken’ adorible! How can the flower girl not be your favorite?
5.Let Love Take Flight– I think this may be one of my favorite inspiration boards that I have completed. I love the old-time romance feel.
6. Something Blue– I loved the unique idea of using rhinestones on the bottom of your wedding shoes to represent that “something blue”. I actually liked it so much that I did almost the same thing in my own wedding. hehe…
7. DIY Wedding Cake Toppers– These little birdies from Design Sponge have stole my heart. I think they are a great fun and a unique cake topper option.
8. Double Duty~ Favors Serve as Centerpieces– I like this post because of the economical side of it. As a bride, if you have a chance to make flowers, favors, or anything do double duty, I say go for it!
9. Message in a Bottle-I love this idea for a beach themed wedding!
10. Green Wedding Chic-Green weddings were all the rage at the beginning of the year. That is why I found this post very fitting for the end of the year reflection.

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