Initials and Heart Wedding Invitation

Custom Wedding Invitations

There are a number of things you can customize for your wedding day. You can have a custom dress made if you have the extra cash. You can customize your wedding shoes too. You can design shirts for the morning of your wedding. You can DIY your centerpieces, your altar, and lighting (like Mason jar candles!).

One of the most obvious custom projects for your wedding is your invitations! There are millions of resources out there for brides-to-be to design their own invites. Here are some of Bridal Party Tees’ favorite sites and stores for creating custom wedding invitations:

There are a ton of stores on Etsy that sell custom wedding invitations. These stores are operated by independent artists who use Etsy to reach future brides and display their work. You simply choose your favorite design (don’t worry, you can order samples before you make a final purchase) and add in your date, names, times, etc.!

Laser Cut Wedding Invitation
Initials and Heart Wedding Invitation

Minted wedding invitations are also designed by individual artists and sold through the site to brides like you.

Color Us Happy Wedding Invitation

Places like VistaPrint let you upload your own design or photos and customize your invitations from scratch. You can also choose to customize a design already featured on VistaPrint.

Horizontal Flat Wedding Invitation
However you choose to design your wedding invitations, just be sure that it’s a reflection of you and your wedding- that’s what it’s all about!


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