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The Real Bride-To-Be and The Real Bridesmaids Shirts

Are you a bride that isn’t afraid of getting things done to make her dream wedding a reality? Do your bridesmaids have the same attitude? If so, you and your bridesmaids will need bridal shirts that say it like it is! Our real bride-to-be and real bridesmaids shirts we have at Bridal Party Tees reflect this ‘get it done and get out of our way’ kind of spirit!

These shirts will keep things classy, while at the same time demand business when it comes to all things wedding! When you see these shirts, you will know exactly what popular TV show the designs are based off of. And regardless if you are a fan of the show or not, you’ll love how cute and edgy these shirts are when paired together! Customize the real bride-to-be shirt and the real bridesmaids shirts by adding your name and the year of the wedding to the design!

These shirts are incredibly versatile and can be worn to many different wedding events too, not just the bachelorette party! You and your bridesmaids can wear them to the bridal shower and rehearsal as a simple way to let family members and friends know who is part of the wedding! Also, if anyone has questions, they know who to go to in order to get those questions answered and decisions made!

Are you and your bridesmaids badass enough to wear these shirts?

Use promo code BADASS to save 15% on from now until Saturday, August 24th 2013 at 11:59PM.  Customize these shirts or any other piece of apparel you will be needing for the wedding!

Shop Real Bride-To-Be and Real Bridesmaids Shirts

The Real Bride-To-Be and The Real Bridesmaids Shirts

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