Most Popular Wedding Invitation Styles

Your wedding invitation is your guest’s first glimpse of the theme of your wedding. Is it going to be a casual gathering, a formal affair, or a combination of both? By choosing the right papers, inks, and envelopes, you can ensure that your guests know what to expect, while showing off your creativity and style! Below are the 10 most popular wedding invitation styles that will help you get started with your own! Check out for any other customizable wedding gift, accessory, or apparel needs!

1. Eco-Friendly Invitations: Environment-conscious couples everywhere are opting to send out their wedding invitations on eco-friendly paper! There are tons of different options including 100 per-cent cotton papers, recycled seed embedded paper, wood veneers, and soy-based ink.

2. Traditional Patterns in Unexpected Colors: Put a new spin on classic patterns by using bright, vibrant colors! If your invitations feature a damask or brocade-inspired print, you could color them in fuchsia, light blue, or black.

3. Vellum: Adding a vellum overlay is an elegant touch that instantly adds color and style to your invitation.

4. Fabriano-Deckled Edge Paper: Fabriano-deckled edge paper is great for weddings that are formal, but still a bit laid-back.

5. Metallic: Metallics have made a come-back in fashion, and is now popping up in stationary too! Gold is an especially great color to use. You can use gold paper, gold engraving, and gold-lined envelopes!

6. Vintage: Vintage style is also an incredibly popular fashion trend that has made its way to the wedding world. Invitations inspired by Parisian soap label art, Givenchy couture, and swirl or damask patterns.

7. Monograms: Monograms were a big trend in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and now they’re getting a make-over! Monograms are becoming more thematic, with stylistic elements like elaborate ampersands. You could even consider using intertwined initials instead of a simple font to make your invitations pop.

8. Couture Envelopes: The envelope is the guest’s first glimpse at your invitation’s style! Beautiful liners in coordinating colors and patterns make your invitations a really cool keepsake to go with the actual invitation.

9. Material Add-ons: For additional flair, you can add fabrics like silk, velvet, and various ribbons to your invitations.

10. Beyond Paper: Nowadays its possible for wedding invitations to be printed on almost anything. You can now opt to do a creative wedding invitation on plexi-glass and custom-mold stones, wood veneer, glass, or even chocolate.

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