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Maid of Honor Shirts

Once engaged, there is no time to waste when it comes to planning the wedding of your dreams! You have already taken the first steps of being engaged by sharing the news with friends and family and, of course, designing your just engaged shirt to mark the special occasion!

Next, you’ll need to create another special shirt for a very important person, the maid of honor! Choosing your maid of honor will probably be the most critical task ahead of you because she will need to be your go-to girl and the one person you can rely on. Since your maid of honor will be by your side through the entire wedding planning process, creating a cute maid of honor shirt is a great way to invite her into the role and say thank you for being a part of the wedding!

However, be warned that when giving your maid of honor her shirt, you are now giving her a lot of power! When you need advice about what dress to pick, where to have the reception, or what flowers to go with, your maid of honor needs to step up to the plate and give you her opinion, which may sway you one way or another.

So whether you are appointing a close relative or your best friend as your maid of honor, make it special and let her know about the power and responsibility she has by accepting the maid of honor shirt!

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Maid Of Honor Shirts

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