Wedding Dresses at Target…

Mizrahi and Target launched a bridal line in May. The line is currently available online and at select Target stores for a trial basis. But if the line does well you could possible pick up a wedding dress while you’re shopping for toothpaste. Wow…that sounds really weird to say! The wedding dresses range from $89.99 to $159.99 and you can find bridesmaid dresses for as little as $30. Stats from the Bridal Association of America show that women spend an average $1,505 on their dress alone, so it’s relatively inexpensive choice that can help brides save money. Target’s bridal gowns are classic styles with little thrills. This is probably because the designer was trying to make every piece timeless. Mizrahi said,” I was trying to make every gown an eventual heirloom," "I want every girl to consider storing the dress for her daughter to wear when her wedding happens." The bridal dresses are pretty. However I could not find a bridesmaid dress that I really liked. I do think the line would be great for you to save money on accessories. The veils are very pretty, though I have not seen the material. I would not count Target out if you are looking for a wedding, but with everything online, I would order the items way ahead of time to make sure you like them.




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