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Whether you like this bouquet or not this is a great article for any bride looking to save a ton of money by making their on bouquets. I love this article because it shows step by step how to tie your bouquet. Be creative and pick your own arrangement of flowers that best fit your needs. If it is this bouquet, that’s great. But if not totally replace the flowers with ones that are more your style.



1. Select a collection of flowers and berries in different sizes, textures, color shades, and shapes. Remove all of the foliage from the stems, and wrap each stem with floral tape. Begin arranging the flowers and berry stems in your hand to create a tight, compact ball of flowers. Wrap the stems together with floral tape just below the flower blossoms. 

2. Cut the stems from seven large grape leaves, and make stems using 22-gauge wire. Arrange the leaves around the flowers to form a collar, and join all stems into one main stem cluster with floral tape.


3. Using 2-1/2-inch coordinating ribbon, begin wrapping the handle at the top of the stem cluster by holding the bouquet in your hand so that the flowers are facing away from you. Leave a tail of ribbon about 2 feet long on the left side. With one hand, pinch and hold the ribbon together at the stem top. With your other hand, tightly wrap the ribbon down the stem, covering the pinch with the first wrap. As you wrap, make sure that the ribbon remains flat.


4. When you have reached the bottom of the stem handle, fold the ribbon over the bottom end of the handle so that the back of the ribbon is facing up, and begin wrapping back up the handle. When you are finished there will be ribbon tails on both sides of the bouquet. Tie a large, full bow at this point. Secure the ribbon in place with 2-inch pearl-headed corsage pins. Trim the tails of the ribbon to the length desired.




Tip: Complete collections of classic bridal flowers are available, or you can choose nontraditional blossoms for one-of-a-kind bouquets. Via


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