The Right Wedding Dress For Your Body Shape

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 If you haven’t a clue what wedding dress style works with your body type, or even what body type you are keep reading! The following methods are a way to determine your type and suggestions for what dress silhouette will most likely flatter you. The most important thing though is to go out and try on a few dresses in different styles to see what you like best.


You’ll need to find a tape measure; these can be purchased for just a few bucks from a fabric store if you don’t have one. Your “bust” is the biggest measurement around your chest. Your “waist” is the smallest measurement around your waist and your “hips” are the thickest part, approximately 7-9” below your waist. Measure your bust, waist and hips and write down these numbers.

Hourglass Body Type – If your bust and hips are approximately the same measurement (within an inch or two) and your waist is smaller than either of these by at least a four inches (the more the better though) then you are an hourglass shape. This classic old-Hollywood shape (think Marilyn Monroe) can wear any style of dress as most styles are flattering. The mermaid though will really highlight your curves and you’ll even be able to pull off a sheath.

Pear Body Type – If your hips are larger than your bust then you have a pear shape. Many women fall under this category! An a-line dress is the most flattering because it is full in the skirt, hiding the bigger hips on the bottom. An a-line gives a balanced appearance of an hourglass and even works with an upside down pear, which is when your bust is larger than your hips.

Round or Square Body Type – If all your measurements are similar then you are a square or round body type. To add definition and the appearance of an hourglass shape you’ll want to select dresses with gathers or other details on the hips and bust. This will highlight those areas and give you a feminine shape. Generally an a-line dress will be the most flattering and have the most options for you.

Have fun dress shopping! I always recommend trying on wedding dresses in a few different silhouettes, even the ones you don’t think you’ll like. Sometimes this will just confirm that it isn’t right for you, but often you’ll be surprised that a shape you didn’t think would work will be the most flattering! It is always helpful to try on a variety so you know what you are looking for and what you are not looking for. This will make the whole process easier if you go to other shops too. Happy dress finding! Via

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