Flower Girl Dress

cherry dress

Flower Girls always look cute no matter what. Besides the Bride they are my favorite to see walk down the isle. But this flower girl dress pictured above is way too cute! I love it. Just picture it…give her some red rose petals and you are good to go. It is perfect. I love it. But if you don’t like the red this little dress comes in plethora of colors to choose from. Check it out!

Wedding Cake Alterative ~Mini Tarts

mini tarts

Don’t like cake? Or maybe you want a different alternative to cake for your wedding. Then these little mini tarts are perfect. I think these would be great for a beach themed wedding or even a fall wedding because of the colors. I just think they are really cute. Plus they look really yummy!!! You could even do cake and the mini tarts to have some dessert options.

Who Pays for What in a Wedding


Deciding who pays for what is sometimes a really hard decision when planning a wedding. It is becoming more and more common for the Bride and Groom to completely fund the wedding themselves. However, when making this decision, it may be easier to start with the traditional list of who pays for what and then narrow done your decision. Just remember that ultimately it is up to you and your family. Think of it as a starting point, because how you get to your bottom line is up to you!


  • Bride and family pay for church or synagogue, sexton, organist, etc.

  • Groom and family pay for marriage license and officiant’s fee.


  • Bride and family pay for bride’s dress, veil, accessories, and trousseau (read: lingerie and honeymoon clothes).

  • Groom and family pay for groom’s outfit.

  • All attendants pay for their own clothing (including shoes).


  • Bride and family pay for arrangements for church (including huppah if a Jewish ceremony) and reception, plus bouquets and corsages for bridesmaids and flower girls.

  • Groom and family pay for bride’s bouquet and going-away corsage, boutonnieres for men, and corsages for mothers and grandmothers.


  • Groom and family pay for complete honeymoon.


  • Bride and family pay for all wedding photos and video.

Prewedding Parties

  • Bride or groom’s family plans and hosts engagement party; if there is more than one, bride’s family hosts the first one.

  • Groom’s family plans and hosts the rehearsal dinner.

  • Bride plans and hosts bridesmaids’ luncheon.

  • Groom hosts and plans bachelors’ dinner.

  • Maid of honor and bridesmaids host shower.

  • Best man and ushers host bachelor party.

  • Friends may throw additional engagement parties or showers.


  • Bride and family pay for all professional services, including food, drink, decorations, and music.


  • Bride and/or her family pay for groom’s ring.

  • Groom and/or his family pay for both of the bride’s rings.


  • Bride and family pay for invitations, announcements, and wedding programs.


  • Bride and family pay for transportation of bridal party to and from ceremony and reception.Pic



My girl Vie has just opened a new blog called Brideness.Net. This blog is perfect for all you gal out there searching for wedding gowns. Vie finds some of the most beautiful gowns out there and is sure to get your wheels turning on what you are looking for in the perfect wedding dress. Vie’s overall goal is to “help every future bride to shine and be joyful on their big day.” So check out the site, I am sure you will love it!

Changing the Present.Com

When is comes to wedding presents sometimes, you just don’t need another toaster nor do you want a set of fine china. Often times when people get married they are already well established and have lived on there own. Many people do not want or need anything for the household. If this is the case with you, or you would rather give back to the community, then there is a site out there that you are going to love. Changing the Present.Com is a site that allows you to register for wedding gifts that help the community. Instead of registering for a toaster, you can register to help fight cancer, AIDS, or hunger. This site is a nonprofit organization and contains a multitude of charities to donate to. I have provided a link to a couple below, so check out the site and let me know what you think!


ChangingThePresent ChangingThePresent ChangingThePresentChangingThePresent

A Beach Themed Menu


If you are having a beach themed wedding and are looking for a unique menu, then you have to check out this menu option from Brides.Com. What first drew my attention to this menu was the dessert that looks like a little sand bucket. At first glance it looks exactly like sand but it is really a tasty little concoction from Will Goldfarb, Room 4 Dessert, nyr4d.com. For the main course there is an option of lobster or chicken. But if your family is anything like mine and doesn’t like sea food then I would substitute the lobster for steak. Either way this is one tasty little dinner menu that is sure to leave an impression!

The dessert: Citrusy mousse and passion fruit puree topped with a sunny cookie and shortbread “sand” to sprinkle on top.

The menu
Cocktail: Pomegranate martini

Salad: Grilled watermelon with tomato and basil

Main Course: Half Maine lobster with tropical fruit relish or chicken turnovers with smoked tomato salad, both served with sweet corn and warm sweet potato salad

David’s Bridal Gown Style H9274

Check out this new addition to the David’s Bridal collection. I absolutely love the new take on a classic design. I love the new wedding dresses that have some color in them. I love color myself and I am ecstatic when I see color in a wedding dress because it is out of the ordinary, even though it is gaining more popularity everyday. I am a sucker for the color red, so this gown is right up my alley. I could see this gown being worn at a winter wedding. Couldn’t you? However this gown is also offered in 15 other colors, so if you are not a red fanatic like me; no worries there are other colors to choose from. Plus is dress is a steal at only $599.00! See this dress!