Why Purchasing the High Resolution Disc is Important

photo book 

When picking a wedding photographer the one thing that can coast the most is the wedding album. Some photographers do not even offer this as an option for the lower packages. So, if you are on a budget or just don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for your album, you may want to check out the blurb.com. This is an online book publisher. They offer many options of books that you can choose from starting as low as $12.95. All you need is the high resolution images from your photographer and you can design your own book with there templates. I highly recommend getting the high res. disc of your images for a few reasons. The first is that you are able to make prints for whoever you want whenever you want without going back to the photographer—which prints are a lot cheaper this way! Also, in case the studio goes out of business or a natural disaster happens you have a hard copy of all your images. The last reason is you are able to make tons of things with the disc and totally utilize all of your pictures. You can make calendars, thank you cards, and many other items for half the coast the studio would charge you. Another idea is to get the high resolution disc of your engagement session and go onto the blurb.com and make your own guest book. You can have your engagement pictures on the pages that everyone will sign and have them do it yearbook style or add lines for them to sign on. It makes a truly unique guest book that you will want to look at! Check out blurb.com! 

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