The Morning of Your Wedding

Before The Wedding Flowy
The caterer is setting up, the photographer is already snapping shots, and your groom is hidden away with his boys getting ready for your wedding. Those few hours before your ceremony starts and your girls lead you down the aisle are crucial. You’ve planned, prepped, and Pinned every detail and the show is about to start.

The last thing you need is to deal with small snafus and messes… like wiping fresh eyeliner all over face when you’re getting dressed.

A simple step to avoid makeup on your shirt or your hair being messed up is to get ready in an easy-off shirt. Choose something you can zip off or pull up that won’t even touch your flawless winged eyeliner or pinned up curls. Customize a before the wedding design on any of our zip-ups or loose-fitted flowy shirts like the flowy tank top or a flowy lightweight top.

Before the Wedding

Other tips and tricks to make the morning of the wedding run as smoothly as possible:

  • Have each bridesmaid assigned to a vendor. Sarah will answer any questions or deal with concerns from the caterer. Kirsten will help the photographer get all the right shots. Laura will make sure hair and makeup is on time. And so and so forth.
  • Have a written out list of the shots that you absolutely want from the day. And make sure Kirsten has it to give to the photographer.
  • Have checks for all of the vendors ready (including the tip) and put in separate, labeled envelopes.
  • Round up extra extension cords from the house or home improvement store the week before the wedding. Bring them to your venue because who knows if the caterer might need one, or your curling iron or your stringed lights will reach the available outlets.
  • Pack an emergency bag just in case. Scary truth is that any number of things can wrong at the last minute. Be prepared with a bag dedicated to extra needle and thread, an extra bottle of nail polish, bobby pins, lipstick, eyeliner, bandages, tape, flip-flops, and some pain relievers.
  • Make a playlist! Put together a few hours long playlist with upbeat music and some oldies for you and the girls to get ready to.
  • Give yourself enough time. Either start your ceremony in the later afternoon or plan to get up early, just be sure to schedule yourself plenty of time to get ready. Most wedding day horrors can be cleared up before guests arrive if you just dedicate a couple of extra hours for mishaps and messes.

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Till Death Do Us Part Engagement Photos

How big a fan are you of zombies? Are you such a fanatic that you would make zombies a part of your engagement photos? Well, one couple was. And it definitely puts a new spin on the popular wedding phrase, “Till death do us part.”

Check out these one-of-a-kind engagement photos that tell the tale of a just married couple fighting off zombie attacks as they try to survive the rise of the undead together!

Photos via

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BPT Group Shots: A Bachelorette Cruise

This wedding party had a lot of fun with their custom wedding gear! Bride Alexandra customized each girl a Team Bride custom tote bag for a cruise. Each bag included the wedding date and the girl’s name.

The girls also customized The Real Bridesmaids t-shirts for all of the bridesmaids and a Bride to Be t-shirt for Alexandra.

Do you have photos to share? Send them to!

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Team Bride Tank Tops as Seen on Pinterest

Pinterest has become a popular resource to use when planning your wedding. In fact, we have our own Pinterest account to share wedding ideas with our lovely customers. We love browsing through all of the creative wedding pins. We especially love when we come across our products pinned by other people. Needless to say, we were very excited to find that this particular photo of our Team Bride tank tops has gone viral on Pinterest. Our wonderful customer, Kristen, said this about the tank tops she made for her bachelorette party:

“I came up with the idea of this and then ordered them from the only website that would allow me to create exactly what I wanted for my girls and I. The website is I especially loved this site because they had shirts in my wedding colors (ivory and turquoise) which is exactly what I wanted.”

Awesome! You can create your own tank tops like these for both the bride and bridesmaids. Change the colors to match your own wedding! You can even change the shirt style and font if you’d like something different!

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2009 Wedding Trend Alert~ Strike a Pose


(picture source)

Everyone takes a ton of pictures at weddings. Nothing new and different about that! However, brides and grooms are now setting up areas at their reception designated for striking a pose. Many couples are creating an area with a beautiful backdrop to take pictures of their guests and to take some formal pictures. If the picture station is decorated right, it can become a beautiful decoration in it’s self. This is true in the above picture. In this picture Lena and Joshua (the bride and groom) are posing against a backdrop of Marimekko fabric reproduced from an early-1960s pattern. This makes for a beautiful backdrop that helps create the retro atmosphere at the reception.







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My Wedding Pics!



 Okay guys, here are the pics from my wedding that I have been promising you for so long! Let me start by saying everything went so well. Well… except for the unplanned weather. We were suppose to get a dusting of snow. Instead we got like 6 inches. It made for beautiful pictures but not so beautiful driving. Luckily everyone made it safely and the wedding turned out beautifully!




The colors for the wedding were red, white, and black.Therefore, the something blue did not exactly fit into the color scheme. To solve this problem, I did blue rhinestones with our initials on the bottom. I also added a little something special to my bouquet. It was a locket which had pictures of our belated grandparents inside. It really meant a lot to us to include them in the ceremony. We also had memorial candles at the ceremony that our mothers lit before they took their seats. We also took these candles to the reception to sit on the head table.



The church was so beautiful that we only did a few decorations. We both thought that the architecture in the church was too pretty to cover up!



 We did two different centerpieces at the tables. Half had the floating candles and the other half had a simple display of red roses in a square cube base. Instead of wedding favors we made a donation to The American Cancer Society and to the Heart Foundation in honor of our grandparents.


my wed5

Photographer: Jody McDevitt

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Photo Table Number

photo tables

Help guests find their seats with whimsical tented cards featuring photos of the bride and groom. They’re great for an informal wedding, rehearsal dinner, or shower. Take photographs of the two of you holding signs with table numbers; you can use different poses for each number. Have them made into 4-by-6-inch matte prints (you can use black-and-white film so the photos wouldn’t clash with the flowers or table setting). Glue each photo onto 4 1/8-by-6 1/8-inch paper. To make the “tent,” start with a piece of 11-by-17-inch card stock and cut a strip that is 17 by 4 3/8 inches (each piece of card stock can make two); fold strip in half widthwise. Score, and make a fold 2 1/8 inches from each end to form flaps for base. Glue photograph to one panel of the tent. Overlap base flaps by about 1 inch; use double-sided tape to secure.


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A Unifying Guest Book Idea


Brides are always looking for unique takes on the traditional guest book. Often the traditional guest book ends up in the back of a cabinet or closet and is never seen again. Brides now want something unique that can have a purpose afterwards. That is why I love this idea of a guest painting. Shawn and Owen had their guest contribute to painting as their guest book alternative. Shawn and Owen assigned their friend Kathleen as the “art director”. Kathleen sketched an image of a sunflower on the canvas and divided it into squares. At the wedding, each guest was to paint one square on the grid. The couple set up a table full of paints and directions that explained the project in detail. Afterwards the couple had a wonderful piece of artwork that went wonderfully in their new home. Check out One Love Photo for more information and another wonderful creation!


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