Who Does What? Bridal Party Responsibilities

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Being a Bride, assigning duties can be a hard thing. Especially if you are a control freak like I am. So to help you out here is a list of the traditional responsibilities of those who participate in the wedding.

Maid of Honor/Personal Attendant:

  • Attends all pre-wedding events

  • Takes charge of groom’s ring during ceremony

  • Helps bride in arranging veil and dress at ceremony and reception

  • Hold the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony.

  • Returns bride’s gown to designated place after wedding

  • Make sure all of the bride’s personal belongings have been accounted for and are packed in her overnight back for the honeymoon.

  • May offer a toast to the bride and groom during the ceremony.


  • Purchases and completes fittings of gowns

  • Performs tasks as assigned by bride

  • Attends rehearsal and rehearsal dinner

Best Man:

  • Transports groom to the church.

  • Supervises the groom’s men, regarding their dress and duties at ceremony

  • Takes care of bride’s ring until ceremony.

  • Offers the first toast to the bride and groom.

  • Dances with the bride after the groom and both fathers have danced with her

  • Prepares the honeymoon car, packs suitcases in car.

  • Holds for safe-keeping, any tickets, keys, etc. for the groom.

  • Returns groom’s tuxedo to rental shop.


  • Attends rehearsal and rehearsal dinner

  • Attends bachelor dinner if there is one

  • Escorts bridesmaids during the ceremony


  • Distribute wedding programs. (Unless this task is assigned to another)

  • Seat guests on appropriate side of church.

  • Assist elderly guests to seats.

  • After all guests are seated, unroll aisle runner.

  • Check church or synagogue for any items left behind

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