Butterfly Releases


There is nothing more delightful or exciting than a butterfly release to accompany your nuptials. These beautiful creatures are majestic yet delicate and command the attention of guests as they are released into creation.

To get the most out of your butterfly release, remember the following:

1. Make sure your butterfly breeder is licensed.
2. Order your butterflies at least 6 weeks in advance. Remember these butterflies must be hatched, and raised so order early.
3. Make sure the temperature is warm; butterflies enjoy warm weather the most. Anything over 75 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.
4. Butterflies should be released before dark so check the time of your release. Your butterflies won’t fly if it’s too late in the evening.
5. Check your local weather for forecasts for rain. Butterflies won’t fly in the rain (would you fly in the rain?)
6. When you receive your butterflies keep them cool and safe.
7. Assign an “official butterfly keeper” if you won’t be able to watch the butterflies yourself – this is where a wedding planner comes in handy!
8. “Thaw” your butterflies 45 minutes in advance of the release so they will be their most active. If you release them too soon, they won’t be as beautiful, and if you leave them in their packages too long, you have a bunch of dead butterflies.
9. Make sure all of your guests know when to open their butterfly envelopes. This is so they don’t release too soon.
10. Open the envelops and release the butterfly slowly. Allow them to come out and take off on their own.
11. Enjoy the butterflies as they take off into flight.

Written by Faith

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