What Does The Bride Say? THUMBNAIL

What Does the Bride Say?

By now most of you have probably heard the popular song, “what does the fox say?” that is sweeping the Internet. And as a result of its popularity, many spoofs of the song are popping up all over the place! We couldn’t help ourselves and had to put a clever spin on this well-liked song, so we created, what does the bride say? bridal shirts!

We didn’t just stop there though! We’ve added shirts for the groom, and bachelorette too! What makes these shirts so entertaining is that no one will know what the bride says until they read the back of her shirt. These designs will create a little suspense and a lot of excitement when you are celebrating before the big day!

If the saying on the back of the shirt isn’t quite what you were looking for and you have a different one you’d rather use, no problem! Just place the shirt in our design center and switch the “I do, I do, I do,” to something else like “diamonds, diamonds, diamonds!” Either way, you have a shirt that everyone will instantly connect to the trendy, what does the fox say song!

What Does The Bride Say? Shirts

Still wondering what the fox says? If so, check out the video that is all the craze right now and while you’re listening, design your new what does the bride say? bridal shirt!

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