There’s a New Flower Girl in Town!

Traditionally, the flower girl position is reserved for the youngest female member of the family, but don’t be so quick to hand over those flower petals to your 6-year-old niece quite yet!

We came across pictures of Lana and Michael’s wedding and just fell in love with their choice of flower girls, their grandmothers! The choice to have their grandmothers in the wedding as flower girls fit perfectly with their theme of family roots. So as you plan your wedding and are looking to fill the role of flower girl(s) for your big day, consider the ladies who are the foundation of your family tree too!

No matter whom you choose to be your sweet flower girl at the wedding, either option will draw the same “awes” and “how cute” comments from guests right before you walk down the aisle, which is always the biggest responsibility of all flower girls despite age.

New Flower Girls In Town

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