Ten Tips to Calm a Stressed Out Bride



Planning a wedding is a big task and can leave a bride feeling frazzled.  So, before your best gal turns into bridezilla help here calm down with these ten tips.

1. Spa Day: Take your  stressed out gal to the spa! Nothing calms a person down more than a nice day of pampering. Pedicures and facials are sure to sooth her back to her happy go lucky self.

2. Join a Yoga Class: Exercise has been proven to calm the nerves. Yoga is particularly good for stress relief because the  ultimate goal of yoga is to reach complete peacefulness of body and mind. This helps you relax and manage stress and anxiety.

3. Buy Her a Book: If your gal pal is an avid reader, nothing calms the nerves better than escaping into another world with a book. Suddenly you are in another realm of stress free bliss.

4. Get a Massage: Not much explaining needs to be down here. Just let the masseuse massage the tension away.

5. Have a Girls Weekend: Sweep your little bridezilla away for a girls weekend. Make the weekend consist of activities that the bride loves to do. If she is loves art, take her to the museum and then head to a paint your own ceramics shop. Music lover, take her to a concert of one of her favorite bands. I think you get the idea. Just make it special and have it revolve around her interests.

6. Help Her Out: This is simple but will do wonders to relieve stress. Find out what she has left to complete for the wedding and help her do it. If she has to visit vendors, ask if she wants you to tag along. Sometimes an extra opinion will do wonders to calm the nerves about important choices.

7. Laugh It Up: Tell jokes and make her laugh. Not the funny type, then go to the local comedy club. Laughing has been proven to help relieve stress. Plus, it is just good fun.

8.  Try an Art Class: Take an art class together. This is a fun and relaxing time, no worries just creating masterpieces. You could also visit a paint your own pottery store. This is my favorite place to go, because of the ease. You simply go in, pick your piece, and paint it. The store will handle the clean-up, and the firing of the piece.

9. Be a Good Listener: Sometimes when your stressed you just need someone to talk to. Let her talk about everything that is stressing her out. Just talking about everything will probably relieve a lot of stress instantly.

10. Meditation: Involves sitting in a relaxed position and clearing your mind. While it does take some practice, it has been proven to be amazingly effective in short term stress reduction and has proven long term health benefits. Learn more here.


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