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If you are asked to be a bridesmaid or maid of honor, your first question may be what can I do to help the bride? Well…I found this great post from bridesmaid.com that answers that question for you! Enjoy!


As a bridesmaid or a maid of honor at a wedding, your ultimate objective in the wedding and the wedding planning should be to help the bride in every way possible. You’d be surprised how many women forget their important role and focus more on themselves during the wedding process than they do the bride. It’s an easy trap to fall into, but it’s one that you should try to get out of immediately should you find yourself falling into it. In order to help keep your attention on the bride, here are some ways in which you can really help the bride out before the wedding and on the wedding day in order to be a bigger help than even she may have expected you to be.


1. Address and mail all invitations.
2. Handle all of the phone calls involved in the planning.
3. Take her to a beauty salon/spa before the wedding.
4. Make yourself known to the guests so they can ask you the questions that they shouldn’t be asking the bride.
5. Help out the family. If the family knows they can depend on you for answers, the bride won’t be so stressed out.
6. Find out what kind of music she wants and book it yourself. Have all dealings with the musicians be through you.
7. Arrange for the wedding day transportation. This includes to the airport for the honeymoon.
8. Speaking of honeymoon, consider helping the bride pack for the getaway.
9. Give the groom tips on how to calm down or flatter the bride. Trust me, he doesn’t always know.
10. Help to make sure things run on time. If something is running late, you should be the one to go the extra mile and talk to the priest, managers of the venue, DJ, etc.


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