Popular Wedding Themes

Having a theme for your wedding sometimes makes all the planning and preparation a little easier. When you focus on a theme, you have a more specific vision of colors, fabrics, flowers, music and details, which makes your wedding preparation that much easier for you! Listed below are some of the most popular wedding themes that couples choose for their special day. For all other pre-wedding needs check out Bridal Party Tees! We have tees for bachelorette parties, bridal parties, honeymoons, accessories, gifts and favors and more!

Spring Flowers: Spring continues to be one of the most popular seasons to get married. After months and months of cold, icy weather lots of couples are ready to celebrate their love in a time of growth, renewal, and new life! “Spring Flowers” is often a popular theme because it’s easy for the couple to choose colors and costumes for the bridal party in spring floral colors. Center pieces can be arranged using this flora, and favors can be seed packets of spring flowers, or flower bulbs!

Garden: A Garden theme is another popular spring wedding theme. With this theme couples typically choose colors such as turquoise, yellows, coral, and chartreuse. Center pieces and decorations can incorporates birds, trees and the color green.

Beach and Tropical: Beach and tropical themes are extremely popular for summer weddings! With these themes, deep red, purple, and fuchsia are great accent colors that are trendy now, in addition to colors that are appropriate for spring weddings. Sea shells, sand dollars, starfish, and drift wood make great center piece accents, as well as sand-filled vases and candles!

Nautical: Couples who share a love for the sea often chose a nautical wedding theme. An obvious color choice for this theme would be navy blue. Crisp, white linens punctuated with navy napkins, navy placemats, and navy chair covers tied with white satin sashes makes a beautiful statement that can be dressed up with splashes of gold or dressed down with dots of brass. Centerpieces can be something as simple as a seascape in a bowl, and a fabulous seafood feast should be in store for your guests at a nautical themed wedding!

: Vintage weddings are definitely in vogue this year, and the best part is, you can have a vintage wedding in just about any season! Depending on the couple’s style, your wedding could reflect the Victorian Era, Jazz Era, 1940’s or 1950’s. Choose your style, and from there you can find plenty of resources to guide you to finding the perfect color scheme, centerpieces, flowers, and more!

“Green”: Environmentally conscious couples everywhere are choosing to have “green” weddings in place of traditional weddings. Couples can send out invitations on recycled paper, hold the ceremony outdoors to save electricity and water, use a caterer that serves organic food, and instead of giving out favors that guest will probably throw out anyways, use that money to make a charitable donation and tell the guests about it at the reception!

Rustic: Rustic wedding themes are great for fall! Autumn is a time when nature is adorned with its richest colors: Coral, deep red, burnt orange, and latte. In combination with these beautiful colors, couples tend to choose antiqued woods, brass or pewter to decorate, as well as leaves and candles

Halloween: October is quickly becoming a most popular month to tie the knot! Of course, a lot of couples who choose to get married in October opt for a Halloween themed wedding. With this theme you can simply choose oranges, reds and black for your colors with pumpkins for decoration, or you can really go all out with spooky cobweb decorations, high, stiff collars added to the dresses, and invite guests to dress in costume!

Winter wonderland: Winter wonderland wedding themes are a popular choice for winter brides! Colors are typically simple and sophisticated with a base color of pure white and adding accents of silver and gold. Decorate with snowflakes, stars, and white branches decorated with twinkle lights!

Christmas: Christmas themed weddings are also popular themes for winter weddings. Red and green are an obvious choice for colors, but another possibility is burgundy, forest green, and gold. Decoration options include holly branches, poinsettias, Christmas ornaments, and even gift-wrapped packages!

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