Oslo Wood Invitations

I have never seen wooden invitations before I came across Olso Press Products, and I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first. However, now I am totally sold and I think they are simply beautiful. There is such intricate detailing in the wood and it is something totally different and unique.

The company was formed in a very interesting way. The designers Glenwood & Jen where searching for invitations for there own wedding. They wanted something fun and unique but could not find what they where looking for so they decided to design their invitations there selves. The name comes from the family cat. They named the company after the cat because his long white fur makes him appear glamorous and regal; he is still a playful, curious, and sometimes shy creature. This was the perfect representative for there product! While the designs are very regal they also have a bit of a playful edge about them. I love then and think they are definitely worth checking out! Check it out!

wood invitations

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