Mini Cookie Jar Favors

cookie jar


Everyone loves cookies and has fond memories from their childhood of getting cookies out of the cookie jar. I remember making cookies with my grandmother and her allowing me to sneak them out of the jar before dinner. I can still picture that cookie jar! Well, this little favor is a great way of stirring up found memories for you guests as well by giving them their own mini cookie jar. These favors are super cute and in expensive to make. You can buy store bought cookies or make your own. All this favor is a mini jar filled with mini cookies and then the jar is embellished with a ribbon-tied tag and a homemade label (affixed with double-sided tape). So easy, but so impressive, don’t you think? Source

7 thoughts on “Mini Cookie Jar Favors

  1. I cant find these jars anywhere and I love them!!! PLEASE help me! 🙂


    wedding date 10-22-2011

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