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Matching Pillowcases for Couples

Now that you have or will soon be tying the knot, it’s time for you and your husband to start giving your home the ambiance that a couple lives there. After all, marriage means things are now split 50/50, and that includes every room in the house. The bedroom is probably the first room you’ll want to decorate as a couple to make it feel more like neutral territory, both of yours, instead of just his or hers. However, deciding what you both will add to the room can be a struggle. You know he is going to want to hang his Godfather poster right where you want to hang your floral décor, so sacrifices and compromises need to be made. While deciding who gets to hang what where and what color scheme the room will be, keep any chance of a battle happening over what goes on the bed and suggest you design matching pillowcases!

Matching pillowcases look great with all types of décor because you get to design it the way you want! Plus, it also gives you a cute way of saying a couple now resides here and shares this space! When guests come over and tour your place, they will adore the matching pillowcases signifying you two as an item! Customize the matching pillowcases just the way you want by adding Mr. and Mrs., your initials, or even upload a photo of the two of you that can be printed on the pillowcase! The sky’s the limit with how creative you can get! Check out Bridal Party Tees today and begin decorating your new place together as a couple!

Matching Pillowcases for Couples

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