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6 Low-Key Bachelorette Party Ideas

It would be great to take a trip to Vegas for the weekend to have a bachelorette party, but sometimes that is not always possible. The bride-to-be will want to have her closest friends there for the bachelorette party, and while a big trip somewhere for the weekend would be a lot of fun, it’s not always a practical option for every bride and her group. There’s a substantial cost and time investment involved with planning a bachelorette party of such magnitude and brides are starting to take notice in caution of their guests’ pocketbooks. A new trend we’ve noticed making waves on the wedding front is the low-key bachelorette party! If you’re invited to or planning a bachelorette party where the bride has requested a simpler and more subdued event, check out these ideas for the celebration!

Here are six low-key bachelorette party ideas:

2-Hour Getaway

If there is a big event going on in the neighboring town or beach nearby, this presents a great chance for the bachelorette party to breakaway from the norm! It not only is a nice change of scenery, but also can turn into a fun day trip that won’t break the bank!

Take a Class Together

Depending on the bride, you can attend a more reserved class such as a cooking class or you can spice things up a bit! If your group is bold and looking for some bachelorette fun, choose a pole dancing class to join for the day!

Dinner and Game Night

Go out for a nice dinner and after dining on good food, bring all the girls back for a night filled with fun games! Games like truth or dare, Pictionary, Barbie Dream Date and prank phone calls are all must-haves for the big night in! Plus, if the adult beverages are flowing, why not turn it into a sleepover!

Pool Party

While one of the more obvious low-key bachelorette party ideas, a pool party is something that many brides will enjoy. Decorate the pool area, have fun cocktails and finger foods for a day or night of water fun!

Comedy Club

As the wedding date draws closer, the bride and wedding party will need a break from all the wedding madness and nothing can relieve stress better than laughter! Take the girls out to local comedy club where everyone can have a good time!


If the bride and her guests are fans of great wine, making a trip to a winery that is nearby can be a great way to relax and enjoy everyone’s company! Plus, you can enjoy the outdoors and experience new wines and flavors! If your bride is more of a beer girl, you can find a local brewery and taste some new beers instead!

What are some great low-key bachelorette party ideas that we missed? Comment below and share your ideas with us!

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Low Key bachelorette Party Ideas
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