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Custom Ring Bearer Shirts

The wedding ceremony is not complete without the rings, so the little man you choose to be in charge of the bling for your big day has a lot riding on his shoulders! He not only has to look good in his tux, but he has to provide the much needed security to keep the rings safe and sound until they are needed.

When you and your groom decide who the ring bearer will be, he’ll probably ask what a ring bearer is. After you explain the big role you want him to fulfill, he will relish the idea of having a moment in the spotlight as he delivers the rings to you on your wedding day. To help make sure your ring bearer is fully integrated as a member of the wedding party, create a custom ring bearer shirt for him to wear before and after the wedding! With his custom ring bearer shirt on, everyone will know how important of a role he plays in the wedding!

Your ring bearer will love having a custom shirt with his name on it, along with the date of your wedding! He might love it so much that it could be a struggle to get him out of it and into his tux for the ceremony!

Custom Ring Bearer Shirts

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