Custom Flower Girl Shirts

When selecting your wedding party, it’s important to consider your closest friends and relatives to fill the roles, no matter what age! Choosing your flower girl is no different; she is just as important (if not more so sometimes) as every other member of the party. As the last attendant to walk down the aisle, she adds the final touch to the event by sprinkling flower petals as she goes, and will probably create a couple of smiles and awes along the way before you make your grand entrance! So with such an exciting and significant role in the ceremony, the flower girl deserves her own custom flower girl shirt!

As you are busy planning away, sometimes it is easy to forget how excited kids can get when the “big kids” invite them to be a part of something. A custom flower girl shirt is the perfect solution to keep your flower girl happy and involved in what the rest of the bridesmaids are doing! Best of all, it is super easy to customize a cute shirt for her as you are customizing the rest of the shirts for your wedding party! Personalize her shirt by adding the date of your wedding, her name and any of the other wedding art we have available for you to choose from!

Have a ring bearer in the wedding also? Perhaps the flower girl’s younger brother was also asked to be a part of the wedding too? No worries! We have tons of customized ring bearer shirts and accessories available to satisfy his need for attention too! Now, not only will the flower girl (and ring bearer) have an outfit to wear to all the wedding events, they’ll have a great keepsake to remember your wedding for years to come!

Flower Girl Shirts

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