Flowers can Make all the Difference!

flower in hair

A simple flower added can really dress up a bob. Add a flower to pull up one side of the hair and you instantly transform a bob into an elegant style. This style is simplistic yet has a touch of relaxation and whimsy. Keep in mind that the type of flower you choose will also change the feel of this style. A red rose will add an elegant touch were a white daisy is classy and relaxed. Have fun with this style and use your favorite bloom that will complement your bouquet. Pic

2008 Wedding Trend~Two Dresses!

double take 

A big trend for 2008 is changing you hair and dress between the wedding and reception. You no longer have to choose between a big ball gown and a cute little mini. Now you can wear them both. Want a cute updo and wear your hair down? Now you can totally do it! And it’s not just the bride that’s getting a makeover between acts. Couples are also changing up their palettes with a progression of color throughout the day. Guests arrive to a clean, all-white ceremony, experience a hint of pale hues during the cocktail hour, and then step into an explosion of rich color for the reception.Source

Fun and Flirty Hair has this great hair style on their site and I had to share it because I love it so much! It almost makes me wish I had long hair so that I could achieve this style. It reminds me of something from the 50’s and 60’s and it was actually inspired by the film Hairspray. However we have seen versions of this hair for a long time coming down the runways and this style seems to stay classic and beautiful throughout the years! This style is perfect for a for the bride or even the bridesmaids.




Simple Elegance Up-do

simple elegance

If you are looking for a simplistic up-do that is still elegant, then this style is perfect. The hair is loosely pulled away from the face and finished in this elegant twist on a knot and a ponytail. The way this style is pulled off is to look at the fine details the direction the hair is pulled back and the subtle twists and turns of the hair, make this up-do simply gorgeous. Pic

Wedding Hairstyles to Fit Your Face Shape

wedding hair for face

Your wedding hairstyle is one of the most important parts of the evening. Well…besides the dress, loved ones, and marrying the man of your dreams but you know what I mean. Picking a wedding style is one of the hardest choices because it has to do with the dress but you also want it to flatter your face shape. Every woman wants to look her best and be totally gorgeous. But sometimes, it can seem like something’s just not right, as though you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you need to ‘fix’ something. You’ve bought the dress, the shoes are perfect, you found the ideal pair of earrings and you’ve organized the best makeup solution. If it’s your hair that’s bothering you, then you really need to take a look at the shape of your face because it’s an all-important consideration when trying to look right. Asking your hairdresser for wedding hairstyles that suit your face shape is a wonderful idea. Just by looking through celeb photos you can see your favorite stars that look fantastic sometimes and awful at others. It could have something to do with their hairstyle not matching their face shape. Take a good look at your face in the mirror, with your hair tied back. Examine the angles of your cheekbones, the height of your forehead, how round or pointy your chin is and how square your jaw line is. Finding appropriate Wedding hairstyles is as easy as determining whether you have a diamond, square, round, oblong, heart-shaped or oval face and picking a style to suit.

With a face length around one and a half times longer than the width of your face, you are oval. You’re lucky; an oval face is on everybody’s wish list, so your wedding hairstyle can be just about anything you want. You can go for any length or choose an updo for added elegance. Avoid too much ‘clutter’ around your face with weighty bangs; add earrings as a feature instead.

Your face is roughly as wide as it is long so you need to add a little fullness and some height around the crown. It’s best to avoid wedding hairstyles that are chin length because it will draw attention to the roundness of your face. Instead, keep it layered around the crown and have it cut close to your cheeks to ‘raise’ your cheekbones.

If your face appears longer than it is wide, yours is oblong. The best wedding hairstyles for you are short to medium in length. If it’s too long, your hair will appear to make your face look longer so try to keep it above shoulder length or even just below your chin. Keep it soft and full around your face.

Rather self-explanatory, your square face needs to be softened with wavy or wispy wedding hairstyles. Whether you go short or medium is up to you but long would not work as well. Definitely avoid center parts.

Wide cheekbones and/or forehead and a narrow jaw mean you have a heart-shaped face. Choose from wedding hairstyles that part on the side and ask for some pretty, wispy bangs. Avoid anything too short or it will draw attention to your pointy chin.

With a face that’s widest at the cheekbones, and with a forehead and jaw line roughly equal in width, you too are fortunate in that you can choose from a wide range of wedding hairstyles. Whether curly, straight or wavy, swept back, long or short, the only thing you need to avoid is anything that’s brushed forward too much.

Just remember these are just suggestions. You wedding hairstyle should be one that you absolutely love. Make sure to make an appointment with your hairdresser a few weeks before the wedding to try out various options. Look at your face shape, your dress, and most importantly your vision of the perfect style! Source

Make Your Own Flower Hair Pin!


I have been looking for rose hair clips for my wedding. Instead of the traditional veil I want to place one or two roses in my hair that match my gown. But I about fell over when I saw that most places wanted to charge $30-$40 for one clip! So…I’ve decided to make my own because it is so simple and so much cheaper! You can buy a quality silk rose for about $3 and a hair clip for about $1. So that is only $4 instead of $40. That’s a pretty good savings if you ask me! Plus this way you can attach the rose to whatever clip will work best with your hair.


1 silk flower approx. 3″ in diameter
1 metal hair clip


Heavy-duty wire cutters
Hot glue gun and glue

Clip off the flower at the base of the head, and set the stem aside. You want the back of the flower flat, so trim off any excess material, keeping the glue gun handy – you can glue back any petals that may have come loose.
Glue the flower to the top of the open hair clip. Try to keep the flower centered, so the clip is hidden. Use the leaves from the stem to decorate the back of the flower. Glue your leaves over the back of the flower and the inside of the clip. Have patience – let the glue set before you try the clip on.

Choosing the Perfect Headpiece and Veil


There are many variations in veil length, shape, color, edging, and embellishment, so we are here to help you make sense of it all. Creating the perfect look is as easy as 1-2-3.
1. Choose from a variety of lengths and shapes
2. Select the level of embellishment that’s right for you
3. Combine your veil ensemble with the perfect headpiece

1. THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT Veils come in several lengths, from short and sweet to long and flowing:

Blusher veil: To add a hint of formality to a longer veil, a lightweight tulle blusher is traditionally worn over the bride’s face during the ceremony. It is customary for the father of the bride or the groom himself to flip it back, revealing the bride’s lovely face. Most brides choose to remove the blusher for the reception.

Short veil: Lightweight and comfortable, the shorter veil is a fun option that adds a dash of whimsy to any modern gown, whether a tea-length or long sheath style.

Elbow length veil: Endlessly versatile and easy to wear, elbow-length veils are worn with the vast majority of gowns. Elegant and simply dramatic, the elbow-length veil puts a modern twist on the timeless tradition.

Fingertip veil: A very popular length, this style extends to the fingertips to create an elongated silhouette. The glamorous style is suitable for nearly any setting. The sheer effect coordinates easily with most gowns, from simple and unadorned to elaborate and ornate creations.  

Chapel/Cathedral veil: The most dramatic and popular veil, the Cathedral length cascades to the floor in true fairytale fashion. Traditionally elegant, this length beautifully complements all formal bridal designs, from an elaborate ball gown to a modern sheath.

Shaping up
From oval to square, veils take on a shape all their own. For example, the exceptionally romantic, flowing mantilla, which consists of lace or lace-trimmed tulle, has a circular shape. Blushers are often square, while short or elbow length veils are typically oval. Fingertip veils are shaped like a teardrop or cape. Try each look to see which looks best with your face shape and gown style.


Beautiful Embellishments
Veils can be adorned with Swarovski crystals, pearls, beading or lace. Many of the veils in our collection are available exclusively at David’s Bridal and offer embellishments that complement specific gowns or make any gown look even more stunning.

The Cutting Edge
The edging, or trim, of a veil can add an interesting design element. Some veils have a simple raw edge or sleek piping for a contemporary look. Others boast elegant beading, classic satin edging, romantic ribbon accents or lace details.

Color Me Pretty
Veils have always come in various shades of white and ivory to blend perfectly with individual bridal gowns, but now you also have the option of colored edging or beading detail. David’s Bridal offers exclusive veils trimmed in beautiful hues that coordinate with the latest color-accented bridal dresses.

3. MAKE A MATCH Take note of our headpiece and hairstyle tips. Keep in mind that if you’ve chosen a glamorous up-do, many brides opt to wear their veil below the bun to show off both the hairstyle and veil. It’s not often you can get best of both worlds. With so many types of veils and headpiece options, you may appreciate some further guidance on how to put it all together. Learn how to create the perfect combination Source 

Breathtaking Wedding Up-Do


When I found this up-do picture, I totally fell in love! This Audrey Hepburn inspired up-do is a new take on a classic style. The loose cascade of tousled curls, which is complimented by a sleek swoop bang, brings attention to the face and makes the eyes pop. The crystal and rhinestone comb, add a touch of elegance to an already glamorous style.   See more views of this style! 


10 Steps to the Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

Deciding what to do with your hair on your wedding day has to be one of the hardest decisions ever! It can turn even the best of brides into Bridezilla. So take precautions and start early!!! When I was working in the salon, this had to be the most stressful and rewarding time for both the Bride and I. To make this time a little easier for both the stylist and the bride, here are ten steps to achieving that perfect wedding hair!

  1. Pick your dress: Evaluate your dress if it is really elegant you may want to wear your hair up. If it is more casual you may want to wear it down. But you could always do the opposite to either dress up or dress down a dress. You just have to look at your dress and decide what is best for you and your style. Plus consider the over all theme of your wedding. If it is more casual wear your hair down; more elegant wear it up.

  1. Pick your Hairpiece: Or at least have in mind what you want in your hair. You would be surprised at how many hairstyles these piece of information can eliminate.

  1. Is Your Hair Long or Short: If your hair is short but you want to wear an updo, start growing it out as soon as possible. Keep in mind: Hair grows about half an inch per month.

  1. Look through Magazines or the Internet: Get an idea of the styles you like and don’t like and compile a book to show your hairstylist. Don’t choose an outrageous, over-the-top hairstyle if your normal style is sleek and simple. You’ll feel uncomfortable, and you won’t look like yourself.

  1. Schedule Two Hair Appointments: Talk to your stylist and make two hair appointments. You want one on the day of your wedding (several hours before your ceremony, so you won’t be rushed.) and the other about a week before. If you have a stylist that gets booked quickly you’re going to want to schedule your appointments far in advance. Bring all hair accessories with you to both of your appointments.   Also bring the book of hairstyles you like and a picture of your wedding dress. This will help you both decide what style would be the best for that special day.

  1. Get Regular Trims!: I don’t think I can say this enough!  Even if you are growing your hair out, you need regular trims. They keep your hair healthy and prevent split ends. Ultimately your hair will look better in your updo if you get your hair trimmed regularly.

  1. Color: If you get your hair colored regularly get it done about 1-2 weeks before your wedding. This will give you a little extra comfort in case something should go wrong; there is time to fix it. Plus color looks the best after a couple of weeks. If your hair is a little drab and you normally don’t get color, but you want something to spruce it up, I suggest going for some subtle highlights. But DO NOT do partial highlights meaning only the top layers of your hair are colored) if you plan to wear an updo on your wedding day. The two-tone look won’t be flattering.

  1. Make a Wedding Day Hair Survival Kit: Assemble a “hair repair” kit for the big day, stocked with extra pins and any styling products for last-minute touch-ups. Ask a bridesmaid to make sure it’s with you when you dress.

  1. What to Wear: On the day of your wedding, wear a loose shirt that zips or buttons in the front so that you won’t ruin your do when you change into your wedding dress.

  1. Have Fun! : This is your big day, make the most of it.  Take some champagne or sparkling grape juice to the salon with you. Also have one of your best friends go with you to keep you calm and just to have fun with.