Get the Look from Nexxus~ Voluminous Curls


Step one:
After shampooing with Nexxus Diametress and conditioning with Sublime Volume, spray Nexxus Root Exxtend Root Lifter at roots only.



Step two:
Blow dry with a round brush, lifting the hair and aiming the nozzle at the roots to build support into your style.



Step three:
Set hair with Velcro rollers for maximum fullness.



Step four:
Finish with Nexxus 360º Volume Bodifying Finishing Mist to give fine hair lasting hold and support.




Red Carpet Inspiration~Jessica Simpson

When looking for glamorous wedding hair, were else should you turn except to the red carpet? Fashionista’s everywhere turn to their celebrity counterparts for hair inspiration. And why not? They have a slew of personal stylists to make their hair one of a kind and wonderful. That’s why it’s a great place to find inspiration for your wedding day do. Some celebrities have simply become renowned for their gorgeous hair. As we saw in a previous post, Eva Longoria has mastered the red carpet and so has Jessica Simpson. We first fell in love with Jessica’s hairstyles in her wedding day simplicity, and from then on, she has become a deity in red carpet hairstyles.


jessica simpson hair

Do it up Right, 20 Fab Wedding Hairdos

Wedding planning brings months of worry over the dress, the flowers, the cake, and the weather. Let one of your most important considerations – your hairstyle – be stress-free. Whether you have short or long hair, want something fancy or natural, below you’ll find a hairstyle to suit every style. If you’re looking to do your own hair on your wedding day, research the how-to tips and practice creating the look a couple of times before the big day. If you’re working with a stylist, show them a picture of what you’re looking for and have them try out a couple of options. Do the legwork ahead of time and you will wake up worry free on your wedding day.

princess nouveau

1. Princess Nouveau: If you have long hair with a medium thickness, consider a loose style with sexy, large curls accented by barrettes, a subtle hairclip or a delicate tiara. If you have shorter locks, ask your stylist about hair extensions.


2. Long, Elegant Ponytail: This low-ponytail with a tasteful pouf in the front is extremely elegant and reminiscent of a style popular now on the runway and in photo spreads. Look casual or done-up while accenting your facial and jaw lines.


edgy pony

3. Edgy Ponytail: Nothing is more in these days than deliberately messy hair. Give yourself a graceful edge with this style.


4. Angel: Not everyone will be able to pull this one off, but if you were one of the chosen few blessed with long, voluminous tresses, check out this glamour-defining, loose pull-back.


5. The Audrey Updo: Dramatic and stylish, this updo is reminiscent of the “Breakfast at Tiffani’s” actress. Ask your stylist for a short fringe of blunt-cut bangs to complete the look.


6. Modern Texture: Short-haired brides will love this look – an angled cut tousled to bring out texture. Whether loose or pinned, this style is fresh, fun, and cute.



7. Modern Chignon Updo: Take a ride back to the 1940s with a classic chignon hairstyle. This example incorporates a twist and some feminine accents. It’s a demure look that is perfect for a veil or an off-the-shoulder dress. If you’re going for a vintage look, take it all the way by wrapping your hair in a thin hair net.


8. Princess Updo: An exaggerated take on the Audrey Updo, this cone-shaped, classic sweep is versatile. Ideal do for a fairytale wedding or urban-chic nuptials.


9. Long and Tussled: Gentle and light, this style pulls hair back from the face and lets long curls fall down the back. With innocence and polish, this technique is a great option for an outdoor or casual wedding.


10. Deconstructed Updo: It looks complicated, but this updo is simply a French twist that turns into a bun. The trick to this style is that the hair isn’t pulled too tightly around the face. Dramatic and glamorous, this style pulls attention toward face and neck lines.


11. Celebrity Style Updo: You’ll feel almost-famous in this loose and textured hairdo, aptly referred to as the Celebrity Updo for it popularity among Hollywood-types.


12. Modern Bride: Straight, long and natural, this style demonstrates confidence and charm. Let it all hang!


13. Vintage Charm: This traditional pull back is enhanced by the delicate curls in the bun and a jeweled accent. Whether you have bangs or don’t, this is a classic look that won’t disappoint.


14. Starlet Bob: Cute and carefree, this style is excellent for short hair. Extremely fashionable, this style will go with just about any dress. The angled curls frame the face expertly and show a lot of spunk.

Jessica Simpson

15. Jessica Simpson: Get inspiration from one of Hollywood’s most hair-perfect stars, Jessica Simpson. Her stylist Ken Paves is almost as famous as she is at this point. Known for his loyalty to hair pieces, Paves constantly creates a myriad of looks for Simpson – all of which would be easily translatable to a fashion-forward bride.

flower power

16. Flower Power: Getting hitched on a beach? Consider adding floral accents to the style of your choice. Flowers can be placed in updos, as well as flowing locks. Peruse these styles for inspiration.


17. Go Posh: Copy the first lady of soccer with an angled bob. Victoria Beckham rocks this look with flair and many other starlets are following her lead. This style speaks for itself and requires little maintenance.


18. Oscar Updo: Red-carpet ready hair works for the chapel aisle, too. Easygoing, yet elegant, this style is multitalented and would complement most dresses.


19. Elegant Cascade Take you hair to new heights with this pinned all over look accented by flowers.


20. Simplfy: Look beautiful with this simple ponytail accented by loose locks framing the face and barrette. A stress-free style that shines.

How to Add Volume to Flat Hair



Is your hair lacking in the volume department? Here are some tips and some secret techniques that help pump up the volume!
Add Some Color: Adding highlights or lowlights gives your hair dimension. Hair that is all the same color appears flatter.  When adding dimension to the hair, you are creating an illusion of thicker hair with more lift. Multi-tonal hair works like an optical illusion on the eyes, they perceive movement, even where it does not exist.

Layer it Up: Hair styles that have short layers will add volume to the hair, especially those that have shorter layers in the crown. The shorter the layers go, the more lift you will have, but keep in mind if you go really short it will create a punkish pixie look. Also keep in mind that the layers should go with the hairstyle. Some styles do not work well with short layers, so you may have to opt for longer ones or a different style. 

Tease it Up: Don’t get scared, we do not mean 80’s style teasing! If you have an area that just needs a little more volume, take that section and tease the under side of the hair strand, then spray with hair spray, let the hair spray dry for a minute, and then smooth out the top side of the hair strand. This technique will add a little more volume to those trouble areas.
Use Do Dads: Do Dads, are simple hair combs with hair extensions attached. You choose the color to match your own or a contrasting color for an edgier look. To get the lift, you fasten it on just as you would a traditional hair comb by combing it in against the grain of your hair.
Use a Volumizer: Volumizers are designed to add lift and body to the hair. They are available in gels, mousses, and spray versions. These products are applied to the roots of towel dried-hair, lifting hair with your fingers as you apply.  Our favorite is the spray mousses. These products make it easier to apply because you simply spray it on. This comes in handy in those hard to see spots in the back of your head.  

Use a Curling Iron: If used properly, a curling iron will give a great lift. This is because of the intense heat generated. The correct way to use a curling iron is to start at the crown of the head, take hold of one-inch sections of hair and lift vertically, wrapping hair around the iron, as close to your scalp as you can. Then spray with a firm hairspray, for a firm but still flexible hold.
Hot/Cold Blow-Dry: Blow-drying will give you a good lift if used with a medium to large round brush. The trick is to place the brush as close to your scalp as you can, then pull your hair straight up from the base of your head, following the brush with a blow dryer on high heat, and then follow with a blast of cool air which “sets” the style.
Use Velcro Rollers: A few strategically placed Velcro rollers will give your hair terrific volume. After hair is washed and blow-dried, curve one-inch sections of the hair you want lifted around the roller (small rollers for a slight lift and large for a higher lift). Three or four rollers should do the trick. Leave rollers in for about five minutes, remove and arrange newly lifted hair with your fingers. It’s recommended you don’t brush at this point, as brushing could “deflate” the set.