DIY Cookie and Tea Favor

tea and cookies

Martha Stewart is always a great resource for finding quality DIY projects. That is were I found this cute favor idea. If you love tea and cookies then this project is a must for you. I am not a big tea fan. I would probably switch out the tea for coffee, but the favor is still really cute!


How to Make the Tea Favor
1. Cut and Fold the Liner
Cut corrugated paper to line sides (ridges running vertically). For divider, cut strip as wide as box, and long enough to go across bottom and up and down one side (ridges running crossways). Fold divider in middle as shown (left); secure fold with double-sided tape.


2. Punch and Staple the Tags
Print your labels onto card stock(below) Using a craft punch (turn it upside down so you can center the words), punch out tags. Attach the tags to the tails of a ribbon bow with a 1/4-inch stapler.


How to Make the Favor Tag
1. Use scrapbook paper with a design on one side and a solid color on the other, or download our striped paper and print design onto white card stock. You will use the backside of this printed card stock for the tag template. Download either our pink tag template or white tag template, and print onto the blank side of the card stock.


2. Following guidelines, cut out each tag with utility knife and ruler. With a 1-inch scalloped oval craft punch (turn it upside down so you can see positioning), punch out window. Fold tag and stamp initial. Use a diamond-shaped hole punch to make a hole for the ribbon.


Click here for step by step pics and source!








DIY Napkin Ring from Style Me Pretty

eat drink and be married

I was browsing the Style Me Pretty website, when I run into this super cute DIY project. This is a napkin wrap that would be wonderful for a spring or summer wedding. I picture it at an outside wedding for some reason…. I don’t know why! Anyway here is the steps. Enjoy!


You can download the Eat, Drink and Be Married Napkin Wrap right here!




8.5 x 11? 80lb white card stock (like this from Paper-Source)
Color Printer
Paper Cutter
Double Sided Tape




1. Download the Eat, Drink and Be Married Napkin Wrap. Print using the highest settings on your color printer to ensure that the delicate text is crisp and clear. There are 2 wraps per sheet.


2. Cut each wrap on the black dotted line, making sure to cut off all of the black ink so that the edge of the wrap remains white.


3. Create a mock fold around your napkin to see where you should create the creases on each side of the wrap. After you are certain that the wrap will fit snuggly around the napkin, either fold the wraps by hand or using a bone folder.


4. Secure the wrap around the napkin using double sided tape. Please note, there is only a small amount of room to tape the wrap, so make sure that you fold the napkin small enough to allow a bit of extra room to tape the back of the wrap together.








Fun DIY Fan Programs


Here is a super cute DIY project from Intimate Weddings that is sure to keep your guests entertained. Many people  arrive at weddings early because they  fear to be late. That leaves them sitting idly. Well, with this program design you can keep them entertained. It is also a great option to keep kids entertained as well! Enjoy!

program steps

Materials for DIY Wedding Programs:
– A2 sized folded cards (or cardstock cut to size and folded)
– Golf pencils, pre-drilled with holes wide enough for ribbon to pass through
– Popsicle sticks, also pre-drilled
– Scissors
– Needle with a large eye
– Corner rounder punch
– Double stick tape
– Thin ribbon


Note: A2 is a great size because there’s room for content, but they’re not so big that they’re floppy. If you go with a different size, make sure that when folded, the programs will be sturdy enough to write on.


Designing my programs was a snap with Microsoft Word. On the front, I put the basics – names, ceremony details, and bird graphics to match our wedding theme. To jazz up the back, I came up with three wedding related games for our guests to play while they waited for the ceremony to start: a Mad Lib, a fill-in-the-blank, and a word search.


I had tons of ideas for games that I ran out of time to use. How about a crossword puzzle, Sudoku, maze, or connect the dots?


Once you’ve designed your programs (making sure to fit the card dimensions), print the front and back onto the outside of the cards. I used my regular inkjet printer and had no problems.


To start assembling, open up a card and put double stick tape on three sides.
Then put double stick tape on both sides of a popsicle stick, covering about half of the stick. Center on the card and press in place.


Close the card, pressing to seal the edges.


Using the corner rounder punch, carefully round all four corners.


Cut a piece of ribbon that, when halved, is long enough to reach from the end of the popsicle stick to the end of the pencil, while still allowing enough slack to write on the program.


Thread the halved ribbon through the hole in the popsicle stick.


Use a lark’s head knot to secure.


Thread the two cut ends of the ribbon of the ribbon through a golf pencil.


Knot the ends to secure, then trim.

Click here for source and more pics!






A Mod Dessert Table by Amy Atlas Events


If you are looking for inspiration for your dessert table then go no further than Amy Atlas Events. To me, she is the guru of dessert tables. All if her work is simply stunning! I simply love this Mod inspired table design. The design consisted of a a gorgeous graphic cake, custom yellow and black chocolates, licorice mints, lemon cupcakes and brilliant, yellow gerber daisies. The combination of these items created a modern, but formal touch to the table.









Bridal Shower Idea~Party With My Peeps


party peeps

I absolutely LOVE the work from Six Chicks Designs. They are a a collaborative design company specializing in interior, event and graphic design. Let me tell you, Six Chicks Designs create the most beautiful and unique graphics and events. They are simply to die for! I really like this event that they just did. It is called Party with My Peeps and I think it would soooo cute for an informal bridal shower. Check it out and tell me what you think! 











DIY Project – Custom Sparklers from Style Me Pretty


For summer weddings I absolutely love, love, love, sparklers for a grand exit! They are beautiful in pictures and are fun for the guests. Every time I hold a sparkler I am reminded of summers as a child. I think that a lot of people feel this way, that’s why they are so great! So, you can imagine how excited i was when I found this DIY tutorial from Style Me Pretty! Enjoy!


sparkler steps



Heavy Card Stock
X-Acto Knife
Corner Punch Tool
Glassine Bags




1. Print pattern / image onto a heavy weight card stock (this helps keep the sparklers flat).


2. Trim each one out using an x-acto knife and ruler. Cut out small rectangles for the sparklers to slide through. Round the edges with a corner punch tool.


3. Weave sparklers through holes.


4. Slide card into glassine bag for a polished look.


Glassine bags:








Quick Tip ~ Forget Licking those Envelops



Instead of licking tens of thousands of envelops for your save-the-dates, announcements, and invitations use stickers! You can take a couple different routs on this one. You can print your return address on labels and secure the envelops with those. Another option is to pick a sticker that has a pretty design on it to seal the envelop. The last option is to use a wax seal to close the envelope. This makes for a more secure closure and it is a quite fancy way to seal the envelop. Wax seals are almost vintage in nature. Not too many people use them, which makes them unique. Plus, it just looks wonderful!








DIY Table Runner


Project Wedding is quickly becoming one of my favorite wedding websites! The site contains a plethora of information and fun ideas. This next idea I want to share with you is incredible simple and I can not believe I did not think of this! I simply love this idea from Project Wedding for three reasons! This idea is easy, it is cheap, and it is so easy to clean up.  This project is creating an easy table setting with wrapping paper.  Project Wedding states that theymade a four person table setting complete with favor boxes and escort cards for $10. That is not a bad price but I bet you could make this for cheaper if you shop for the wrapping paper right after Christmas! Okay, enough of me talking! Here is how to make this project!

steps wrap

Materials you’ll need:


  • Wrapping Paper $3.99 (20 sq. ft. roll)
  • 4″ Cardboard Square Box $1.99 each (We used 4 for this project)
  • Black Ribbon $ .99
  • Fabric paint $1.19
  • Black Card Stock $1.99 (6 cards)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Table setting and potted plants/centerpiece

Step 1: Cut and center runner to desired table length and width. Make sure the runner is no less than 12″ wide and that it hangs over the table ends at least 12″.
Step 2: Wrap the gift box lids with the leftover wrapping paper from the runner. Tie with black ribbon.
Step 3: Write guests’ names on each place card with the fabric paint and lay flat to dry.
Step 4: Set table with gift boxes layered on top of plates. Finish with centerpiece and tableware.