DIY Table Runner


Project Wedding is quickly becoming one of my favorite wedding websites! The site contains a plethora of information and fun ideas. This next idea I want to share with you is incredible simple and I can not believe I did not think of this! I simply love this idea from Project Wedding for three reasons! This idea is easy, it is cheap, and it is so easy to clean up.  This project is creating an easy table setting with wrapping paper.  Project Wedding states that theymade a four person table setting complete with favor boxes and escort cards for $10. That is not a bad price but I bet you could make this for cheaper if you shop for the wrapping paper right after Christmas! Okay, enough of me talking! Here is how to make this project!

steps wrap

Materials you’ll need:


  • Wrapping Paper $3.99 (20 sq. ft. roll)
  • 4″ Cardboard Square Box $1.99 each (We used 4 for this project)
  • Black Ribbon $ .99
  • Fabric paint $1.19
  • Black Card Stock $1.99 (6 cards)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Table setting and potted plants/centerpiece

Step 1: Cut and center runner to desired table length and width. Make sure the runner is no less than 12″ wide and that it hangs over the table ends at least 12″.
Step 2: Wrap the gift box lids with the leftover wrapping paper from the runner. Tie with black ribbon.
Step 3: Write guests’ names on each place card with the fabric paint and lay flat to dry.
Step 4: Set table with gift boxes layered on top of plates. Finish with centerpiece and tableware.








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